Aaron Holiday (USA Today)

Inside Info on UCLA Soph Guard Aaron Holiday's NBA Status

May 12 -- Since UCLA sophomore guard Aaron Holiday announced he was submitting his name for the NBA Draft, the question is whether he'll remain in the Draft or return to UCLA...

We're hearing from sources more and more that it's likely UCLA sophomore guard Aaron Holiday will remain in the NBA Draft.

Holiday submitted his name for the Draft last month but hasn't hired an agent, which enables him to return to college if he withdraws by the June 12th deadline.

Holiday has been working out for various NBA teams, and the ones we're aware of are the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks.  He had more workouts scheduled for this week with at least four more teams.

Sources close to the situation indicate that, based on the feedback from these teams, Holiday will probably opt to stay in the Draft.  

Scheduling the workouts has been a bit challenging, since Holiday is still attending school at UCLA, which is at least a positive sign that he still could return. 

We also heard that coach Steve Alford told Holiday and junior center Thomas Welsh, who also has entered his name into the Draft, that they would be the leaders of next year's team if they both returned. 

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