VIDEO: UCLA DT Target Niti Liu in Action

May 25 -- Check out the Sacramento Grant defensive tackle, Niti Liu, who has a UCLA offer, in action from last weekend's The Opening Oakland...

Niti Liu received a UCLA scholarship offer early on in the 2018 recruiting cycle, having been recruited by defensive line coach Angus McClure.  He also has an offer from Utah, Arizona and Fresno State. 

We hadn't seen him in person until last weekend at The Opening Oakland. 

This was our remove of his performance Sunday:

Liu is good-sized, at about 6-3 and 305, as advertised. His frame might be a little narrow to be a pure nose, and he had short-tish arms.  In the drills, he wasn't overly aggressive, and one of the Nike coaches said to him, "You don't even know how big and strong you are yet."  He looked mechanical coming off the line, not with natural explosion.  In the one-on-ones, he worked with the second group, mostly unnoticed and didn't really have a rep of particular note.  But then, as the session wore on, he started to get a little more comfortable and played more instinctively. After he won a few reps, they moved him to the first group, and he was among the top 10 of the day. In the elite competition he showed much better agility, but still moved a bit awkwardly. Take into consideration, though, that he hasn't had too much technical coaching so far in his football career, and he's just at the beginning of his learning curve.  From what we've heard, the plan will be to have Liu participate in the UCLA camp in June, so he can work with DL coach Angus McClure, to determine if it's just a lack of coaching and technique limiting him, and that will go a long way as to the future of UCLA and Liu. 

Note: The last two clips of the video is Liu facing off against UCLA OL offeree Jacob Isaia

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