Ohaeri has Two Leaders

The impressive running back/defensive back prospect from San Bernardino, Glenn Ohaeri, is having a huge senior season so far, and it looks like two schools are pulling away in his recruiting race...

Glenn Ohaeri, RB/DB, 5-9, 190, San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas, has jumped off to a tremendous start for his senior season, with some mind-blowing stats.

So far, on offense, he's run for 640 yards in three games, with a high game of 272 yards. On defense, he had 18 tackles in his first game, 16 in the second and 10 in his third. He actually played linebacker in his second game because he was making "too many" tackles at safety in the first game. He said he's now been moved back to safety.

Ohaeri said that recruiting is also going tremendously.

"UCLA and USC are probably at the top," Ohaeri said. "They look pretty good right now. There's really no leader between them, but I've spent more time at those two schools, and their games."

Ohaeri attended USC's first two home games and UCLA's home game last week against Ohio State. He's spoke with a USC coach yesterday. UCLA assistant coach Mark Weber called Ohaeri Monday night but Ohaeri wasn't home. "I saw that it was him on caller I.D. I was going to call him back, but it was late and I know that was his office number."

He's also considering Cal and Notre Dame, and as of right now, he's not exactly sure who's offered him. "I haven't heard anything since my coach is handling the offers. So I really don't even know," he said.

So far, Ohaeri said he hasn't arranged any official visits. And when thinking about going far away from home for school, Ohaeri said he knows himself pretty well. "I think about going away and it sounds good. But the way I am, knowing myself, I'm pretty sure I'll end close to home. I've never been out of California. So, most likely, I'll stay close."

Ohaeri said he's being recruited primarily at running back but is flexible. "I'm thinking running back, but I met the DB coach at the UCLA game and the running back coach, and they both said good things."

Will how well teams do this season affect his decision? "For the most part, no. I'd like to go to a winning program, and I think UCLA and USC will be winning programs. But this year doesn't realy make a difference too much. As long as they're serious and taking care of business, and what type of people they are, I'll be able to fit in. Wins and losses this year aren't a big thing."

Ohaeri also has a good perspective on the possibility of immediate playing time. "It would be nice. It's not very likely, though, that you'd play coming in as a freshman. I wouldn't go in expecting anything. I'll go in humble. If I got to play, it'd be beyond expectations."

Ohaeri said he has a 3.8 GPA and will take the SAT October 13th.

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