Updates from Tuesday Practice

There are a few updates from practice, including quarterback Matt Moore's status after practicing for the first time in nearly four weeks...

Quarterback Matt Moore practiced for the first time in almost four weeks Tuesday, and he said there was some rust, but he ultimately felt good. He answered questions from the press.

When asked how he felt after practice, he said: "It was good. It took me a period or two to get back into it, to figure how everything was going again, but it was good."

On whether he thinks he'd be ready to play by Saturday against Washington: "I think I'll be ready. It's a football game. Basically just learn what we're putting in and then execute, the same as always."

On how rusty he was: "Not too rusty, but I was rusty. I could tell when I went out there. I was like, ‘Wow.' I've been out of the game for a while. It was a month. But I was rusty for only for about 20 minutes today."

On whether he's feeling any pain in the knee: "No. It felt good. I hate the brace, though."

On whether he's disappointed he's not designated the starter for Saturday: "Not really. We have to win, first of all. We just have to win the ball game. We'll see what happens. Who knows what will go on with all the playing situation. But I just want to win the game."

On whether he expects to play: "I couldn't tell you that right now. I would say yeah, but who knows? I would expect to play, but it's not going to surprise me if I don't, you know?"

On if he's mentally ready to play: "Yeah. It's Tuesday. You're only going to get better from here."

On whether he's really shooting for next week: "I'm back. So my role right now is, obviously I'm on the second team. That's just the way it goes. Drew came in, he proved himself, he played well in some games. That's the way it is right now. It could be different next week. Who knows?"

On whether he should retain the starter job when he's completely ready, as Head Coach Karl Dorrell has indicated: "I think so. Coach Dorrell and I haven't spoken about it. I don't know what his plan is. I know I'm not starting this Saturday."

On whether he's okay with not starting: "I'm not going to come back and be like, ‘Well, I'm the guy.' I did come out here today, take my first snap and I was like, ‘Holy ----.' It was weird. And plus, Drew did a good job. It's a weird situation, as always."

On whether he feels like a backup: "No. Not at all. Not that that would be a bad thing. I think I still have my same role on the team."

Dorrell said he was encouraged by Moore's performance at practice Tuesday overall: "I don't see any signs of setbacks or that he's favoring that leg, so it's a matter of catching him up with what we're doing offensively. But he looks okay. He just needs to knock the rust off. I would like him to get him a chance to do something in this game, but it's hard to make that determination after today's practice. We'll give it a couple more practices and see what he feels good about, both mentally and physically. But we're not going to make that decision today, but probably by Thursday."

When asked if Moore could lose his starting position, Dorrell said: "He's not deserving of losing his job. He played one quarter, and he played pretty well. We just have to get him back healthy both mentally and physically ready to play. That's where he's got some catching up to do."

Kicker Justin Medlock missed a portion of practice Tuesday. Dorrell indicated it was an academic-related issue, but nothing serious. Medlock did injure his should in his near-fumble recovery on the first play of the San Diego State game, but Dorrell said it was only a minor injury.

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