Practice Notes and Quotes

Thursday's practice gives us an update on injuries, including the status of quarterback Matt Moore two days before the Washington game. Head Coach Karl Dorrell answers media questions...

Blaine Kezerian was back in practice and is expected to play on Saturday. Keith Carter practiced on Wednesday, but is still at least another week away from playing. Pat Norton is definitely out for Saturday's game against Washington.

Comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrelll...

On Matt Moore's Status:

"He did okay. He's a little rusty. Our plan is to get him back in the flow slowly, so I don't anticipate him doing much in the game (on Saturday). But obviously if he is needed we'll play him, but we would like for Drew (Olson) to go all the way. I don't want to rush him back into going to early. I know he is almost ready. He says he's ready, but we want to make sure he has his rhythm back. I think he is close to 90% but the thing for him to work on now is getting his timing back, and being up to speed with the game. It's more timing, everything that we do, play action, that is on timing. In a way for him, it's like going back to training camp."

On Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson:

"He said I use a five iron for every shot, but I don't remember that. I do like my five iron though. By no means and I am a good golfer."

On being a former assistant at Washington:

"I don't know if that's a good thing (being another school he has ties to). I've been too many places. The staff I know pretty well, and I know some of those players pretty well and they're good kids and it's a great program that they have there, and a great tradition that they have there, and it was a good experience for me to get an opportunity to coach at the University of Washington. It will be a good football game."

On Rodney Leisle's comments about further disciplinary action:

"He feels isolated because of how strongly I feel about it. That's something that we don't ever want to think its okay to do. I am strongly against punching anybody. That's not the style of football we want to do, it's not what we want represented in the program. He understands right and wrong. We dealt with that issue, but all I know is he is an excellent player, he is a crucial player and he understands between right and wrong."

On having to do so much counseling:

"I knew there was going to be a good deal of that, not just being a coach, but being a support mechanism for our players, and that's something that I was willing to do, be more involved with young kids. Part of the process in college is that there going to make mistakes now and then and you want to make sure you'll support and advise them about doing things that are right and wrong, and hopefully you'll guide them into making right decisions. And that is part of my responsibility."

On reminding the team about being picked 6th in the Pac-10:

"Not really about being picked sixth. We think we have very good potential, with an opportunity to win the conference. At this point, our focus is to continue what we are doing, and tying all those things together, and we're going to hopefully be in the thick of it. They understand where they were picked. Right now we are 0-0, we just want to take advantage of the opportunities before us."

On what the Washington State-Oregon and Cal-USC games showed:

"It shows that any and everybody in this conference can beat you any given week, and these kids understand that, and we have to be ready to play good football for these next eight weeks and put everything on the line on Saturdays. And when you are not able to do that, you open a door to possibly get beat."

On intensity in practice as Pac-10 play approaches:

"I think there is some natural motivation with the Pac-10 season starting and our chance of winning the conference is as good as anyone else's. That's something we're building on, and we're trying to play our best football week to week. And there is that feeling of excitement as conference play starts."

On Tyler Ebell this week in practice:

"He's been Tyler Ebell, which is practicing hard and doing what he is supposed to do." On Craig Bragg being one reception away from passing Dorrell on the UCLA all-time reception list:

"He better pass me soon. I'll be out of the top ten now. Unless we change the offense to the wishbone, I think Craig will pass me."

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