Comments from the Locker Room

Head Coach Karl Dorrell and players such as Matt Ware, Drew Olson, Tyler Ebell and others comment from the locker room after the Washington game Saturday night...

Head Coach Karl Dorrell

On what the win means: "First, being down like that and coming back showed some of the character this team has. It's a good win for us. In the second half, we had all three phases of the game working. We played well in spurts last week [against SDSU], but in today in the second half we put all three phases of the game together. I'm excited about where the team is headed, and I still know we can get a lot better. It was a great win for us. We finally had some execution on offense. It showed how good we could be. We're getting closer to the team I want to be."

On what they did defensively against Pickett in the second half: "In the second half, we threw some different matchups at Pickett, between zone and man. We also did some things inside. We tried to give him looks to confuse him a bit and then get pressure on him."

On Drew Olson's performance and Matt Moore: "Drew Olson played very well. He's making less and less errors. He did a good job of managing the offense. Having him and Matt Moore, two good quarterbacks like that, is a good problem to have."

Tyler Ebell

On the Washington game: "It was a good win. I think we showed everyone what we're about. I was happy that I got more opportunities to get the ball, and I think the line did a good job. We did a much better job in keeping drives alive. We just have to keep it going."

Rodney Leisle

On the performance of the defense: "I think the defense really turned it around. We played with energy and made some plays, which turned the game. We were behind and you hvae to create something. It also helps us when the offense was as good as they were. They really starting clicking in this game. We were both feeding off each other."

Matt Ware

On playing against Reggie Williams: "That's what I came to UCLA to do, to play against the best. I love playing against the best."

On what he and Reggie talked about on the field: "I can't repeat what we said to each other."

On the adjustments the defense made: "We made some great adjustments. We played a lot of man, and we disguised what coverages we were in a little more."

Drew Olson

On why he's performed better in the last two games and what it means to the offense: "Every game I'm getting more comfortable. It's just a matter of playing, getting the reps in the game. And definitely the better I play, the better the offense plays. And we're just still getting there. We're starting to see what this offense can do. We did it in the second half, now we have to do it for a full game."

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