Peterson Raving About UCLA

The #1 running back prospect in the country, <b>Adrian Peterson</b>, took an official visit to UCLA last weekend -- and he's still pretty hyped over it. He talks about new favorites as a result...

Three weeks ago, the nation's top running back prospect, Palestine, Texas's Adrian Peterson, 6-3, 205, was in Norman to see UCLA get routed by Oklahoma.

Two weeks later, Peterson took an official visit to UCLA, and saw what he said was a "different team." The Bruins win over Washington was just one of the many things that Peterson was still very excited about after his trip to UCLA this weekend.

"Man, I really enjoyed myself," Peterson said. "I got to chill with the players, watch the game, see the Rose Bowl, see L.A. It was awesome. I had never been to California before, but California was just awesome."

His host was fellow Texan, safety Ben Emanuel. Peterson said, "Ben was real cool. He told me about how he came from Texas to play here and how much he loves it at UCLA."

Peterson's high school team had an open weekend, so he was able to come in on Friday, and spent the day with several of the players and coaches, before heading to the Rose Bowl on Saturday. Touring the campus was definitely a highlight for him. "The campus was beautiful. I loved it. It's the best campus I've seen. And the women, man, they were beautiful women."

In fact, Peterson's recruiting hostess left a lasting impression on him, almost as much as the game and campus did. "Whooooo. Monica. She was fine. I'll never forget her."

As for the coaches, Peterson got the royal treatment from Head Coach Karl Dorrell and running backs coach Eric Bieniemy. "I really like Coach Dorrell and Coach EB. They are going to do great things with that program. Coach EB is one of my favorite recruiters. He's probably the coolest coach."

So after witnessing the Bruins loss against Oklahoma, what did Peterson think about the win on Saturday? "Man, I knew they had the talent against Oklahoma, and it was just a couple of plays that beat them there. But against Washington, they had that attitude, and that look. They were like a completely different team. I loved watching the running backs do what they did. They ran the ball a lot, and I like that. The Rose Bowl is incredible. The fans were real loud. They're different from Texas and Oklahoma, but they were loud. The Rose Bowl grass is the best I have ever walked on."

With the way the trip went, Peterson was asked where it put UCLA.

"At the top. UCLA, Oklahoma and Texas. That's probably my top three."

This weekend, Peterson will get to see the latter two when he heads to Dallas for the Red River Shootout. But he said many of this thoughts are still in Westwood. "If I could take another official trip to UCLA, I would in a second. It was a great time. The distance wasn't bad. I wish my mom could have come. But I know when I go to college, I'll be going away by myself, so it was good for me to go alone."

For now, though, Peterson will continue to crank out his senior year, one which has seen him rush for nearly 1,150 yards on 105 carries and 16 touchdowns in only five games.

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