Drew Olson Does His Recruiting Homework

The quarterback prospect from Northern California, Drew Olson, is a well-informed shopper when it comes to recruiting. He also talks candidly about the chances of him committing soon...

Drew Olson, 6-3, 190, Piedmont (Calif.) High, had much to say about his recruitment and a possibility of committing soon.

Olson said, as of right now, he's considering UCLA, Michigan, Washington, LSU and Tennessee. Among those, UCLA, Washington and LSU have offered him a scholarship.

Olson also said that UCLA still has a pretty clear lead. "If I had to pick one, UCLA would be the leader. But those other schools are definitely being considered. It's not like I'm definitely going to UCLA and I'm just hanging out to go there. I'm completely not decided."

Olson, who is one of the savviest quarterback prospects on the field, is also a pretty savvy kid, one who has obviously taken it upon himself to do his recruiting homework. "I think it's important to not only check out the school and the campus, but check out the teams when they're playing games. I went to the UCLA game against Ohio State. I've been to Michigan. And I've been to Washington. I'm planning on going to LSU. I haven't set any official visits, but I'm thinking that maybe I'll go to LSU on December 1st, when they play against Auburn. They've mentioned it, but it's not set in stone." As far as his other official visits, Olson said he's talked to the other programs on his list, but "no specific dates have been set."

Not only has Olson learned to check out the schools ahead of time, but he's also very aware of who the school's are recruiting. When asked whether he could commit early to UCLA, Olson talked at length about how he could if he felt that last scholarship earmarked for a quarterback at UCLA might be snatched up by someone else: "Well, I know who UCLA is recruiting. There's Ben Olson, Drew Edwards and Isaiah Stanback. They already got a commitment from Matt Moore. So, it's us five. Now, if I thought that those guys were thinking more about UCLA, or close to committing to UCLA, it might push me a little more and get the process going faster. But right now, I'm just going along with the whole thing. When Matt committed it didn't surprise me. I met him at the spring game at UCLA and it sounded like it was where he wanted to go. But his commitment definitely speeds the process up. There's only one scholarship left and there are four other quarterbacks that they've offered. And I have to think about UCLA a little more now and maybe speed up my decision. I could commit if I get worried about that last scholarship. But you never know."

So, does this mean that he could commit without taking official visits? "If that's the place, I think I could commit without taking official visits. Trips are important, but I've checked out many of the schools I'm considering. If UCLA is running away with it, then trips aren't necessary."

Olson, though, said he wasn't tempted to verbally commit when he went to the Ohio State game: "Going into the game I knew I wouldn't commit. I went down there to see what they're all about. Then I went home, and thought about the whole thing. My father went with me. He went to UCLA Law School. He definitely likes the school, but he's not pushing me because he's an alumni. He just wants what's best for me. I'll tell you, it was good to go down to that game, to see what the Rose Bowl is all about on a big game day. I was more impressed with it than I thought I'd be. I didn't think it was going to be that loud. I was impressed with the fan support and atmosphere. I thought SoCal was kind of laid back, but it definitely wasn't."

Olson, who has thrown for 683 yards, 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in three games so far this season, said, when it comes down to it, he probably fits in better with a west coast school. "East coast and midwest are more smashmouth," he said. "Being a kid from California, growing up in the west coast, playing in the west coast offense, the west coast probably fits me better. But I think I could fit in anywhere."

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