Thursday's Notes & Quotes

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about many issues after practice, namely what has been called the "conservative" play-calling, his expectations for the Pac-10, and some pre-Cal game traditions...

Cornerback Matt Ware didn't practice on Thursday, and is definitely out for Saturday, while safety Jarrad Page will start. Keith Carter ran and will see some time on Saturday. A large contingent of former Bruin players was at practice. Finally, after a year hiatus, Ed Kezirian once again delivered his rendition of Ducky Drake's pre-Cal game speech.

Comments from Coach Karl Dorrell...

On Matt Ware: "He's definitely out. He didn't practice today. When he did yesterday, it was a little sore, so hopefully he can get rested and get a chance and come back and play next week."

On Keith Carter: "He will play some. We've got a role for him to play in some of our packages. I know he's excited about getting back on the field."

On the wholesale defensive line rotation: "Yeah, we're going to stick with that. We think it works best right now. We want to give the twos their due, give them a chance to go in there as a unit. Part of it is (giving the second line some playing experience). That senior group we have will be gone next year, so that younger group is going to have to understand how to play the game a year from now. We're trying to get those guys grown up pretty quickly. We'll stick with our four unit."

On Matt Moore: "He'll play. You'll see when, when he runs in the game." On the playcalling: "We're evaluating everything we do, and when things aren't up to expectations, we question every issue that deals with our production or non-production, so we're going to try to incorporate ways to be more productive. That starts with playcalling, with personnel groups, we have too much offense in? We're trying to find the right mixture to give us the best productivity level. We're going to try to do some things that help our quarterback have some success early."

On whether the playcalling is conservative: "I think it's what's been needed for this particular year. I think it's a transition year for our offense and it takes some seasoning, and the more we feel comfortable with it, the more things open up. But right now, for where we are at quarterback, we did it what we thought was the best way to do it. But as we begin to feel more comfortable, we'll do what we need to do to be more successful." On the reunion of his former teammates this weekend (including a dinner Friday night): "I'm going to make an appearance there, because they are former teammates of mine, but we have a game on Saturday, so I won't be there very long. We have meetings tomorrow night and we have things to go over. There were a few guys out here today I haven't seen in years. It will be a good experience to have a lot of those guys come back and get together."

On how the Arizona win was still a Pac-10 win: "My expectations, I have them high, and I have a certain way of doing things. I'm not saying I am not happy about the win on Saturday, believe me, I am. There were some things we need to do better, though, to put ourselves in position to win at the end of this race. And they understand that. We just need to make sure we are doing things at optimum level like we should be. I am not taking the wins for granted. Believe me, its tough enough winning every week. We just want to do our best with our effort."

On who will replace Matt Ware in the starting lineup: "We're deciding between Keith (Short) and Marcus (Cassel). Both of them are getting equal reps right there. We'll make the decision before gametime." On Coach K's delivery of Ducky Drake's pre-Cal game speech: "I'm fired up. Ducky was a trainer and coach, part of UCLA history for over 60 years, and obviously Drake Stadium was named after him. He's an icon here. This is a big week. He did that speech when I played, and since he's passed on, Coach K has given his rendition of it. That's tradition every year during Cal week."

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