Idris Moss Sets Visits and Has a New Leader

The talented athlete from Rialto, Idris Moss, is being recruited for both sides of the ball. He talks about setting up his official visits and who is his current leader...

Idris Moss, 6-0, 165, Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower, said he has the five schools he believes he'll visit officially, and has a leader among those five.

"UCLA," Moss said. "And Arizona State is close. Those two. And there's Washington, Fresno State and Wisconsin."

Moss, who has thrown for 530 yards, rushed for 250 yards, passed for three touchdowns and ran for three in four games, also has begun to arrange his official visits.

"I'm visiting ASU October 20th, Wisconsin at the beginning of December, and Fresno State January 4th," Moss said. "For Washington and UCLA I have to talk to the coaches and set up the dates."

Official visits will also play a big part in his decision. "The trips are going to be a real big factor. That's why I'm really keeping my options open and haven't committed." Moss said that once he's completed his visits he thinks he'd be able to commit by "December or early January."

Moss has a few more factors that will be significant in his decision. "I'd like to go somewhere I could make an impact. I think I could go to both UCLA or ASU and have a good chance of competing for playing time early. I'm going to look at the depth chart."

Moss, who said he recently ran a 4.48 in the 40, said he has no preference what position he plays in college. "UCLA and ASU both want me at defense or as a receiver. That's fine. Wherever I can play, that's fine with me. I'll return punts. I just want to play."

Moss has some pretty strong family connections to a couple of schools. "My dad went to UCLA and my uncle went to Washington. I grew up with UCLA everywhere, since I was two, watching the UCLA/USC game. My father liked UCLA and the Forty-Niners, so as a little boy that was all that was in my house. I was brought up on it. Now my cousin goes there. She's a senior, so I've been to campus with my dad and when I visited her. ."

How successful the program is will be a factor for Moss. "Are they a contender, sure, that's a factor. You have to be able to get a feeling for how they're going to be while you're there. But it's just not this one year. It's long term. Oregon State did well last year, but this year they're on the wrong track. UCLA is always contending. So is Washington. Wisconsin has been to the Rose Bowl recently. So I'm glad those schools are recruiting me."

Moss said he has a 2.9 GPA and scored a 960 on the SAT.

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