OL Change; Ware Update

<b>Kevin Brown</b>, the true freshman defensive lineman, will be taking on considerably more responsibilities for the Arizona State game; the update on <b>Matt Ware's</b> injury is "vague," and more...

Freshman defensive lineman Kevin Brown has been moved exclusively to the offensive line for the remainder of the season, it was revealed at practice Wednesday.

Head Coach Karl Dorrell said: "He'll have a dual role with Paul Mociler at the right guard spot. He's going to concentrate his time on offense, get him caught up so he can learn our game plan. A week ago he was just dabbling in it, and now we'll see what he can do. He and Paul will rotate at the right guard position. Both of them will play quite a bit, both are rotating in."

When asked what deficiency there was at right guard that instigated the move, Dorrell said: "We're hoping to raise our level of productivity in our line. Paul has had some injuries that have limited him some and we think Kevin, and his experience playing offensive line in high school, he does some things naturally at that position that will hopefully give us some added depth there and hopefully some production in there, too. Hopefully that's where we're going and we'll see what works in the game."

Dorrell said Brown is going through a crash-course at right guard. "It's a lot to get. He doesn't have all of it. I would say he hasn't learned everything we're doing offensively. He's a bright kid and he's picked up things pretty quickly, and hopefully we'll see that benefit on Saturday."

Brown said that, for him, it's an arrangement that will last the rest of the season – but that's it. He said: "Yeah, I've already shifted (to offensive line). It's not a solid thing. Just for this year, for the rest of the year, strictly for the rest of the year I'm o-line. Next year I'll be right back on d-line. Coach Dorrell guaranteed me it was a one-year thing." I had a little talk with coach Dorrell. He said what's going to happen, and I need to make this transition with the team."

How comfortable does he feel at offensive guard? "I feel pretty comfortable right now. The speed is the thing right now. It's going to come sooner or later. The experience from high school (at offensive line), that's what's getting me through."

On whether he'll start at right guard: "It's up to the coaches right now. There are a lot of reps they're trying to get me, get in the rotation, and get familiar with the plays. I'm not really sure right now."

One of the reasons Brown decided to come to UCLA was to play defense, because the other schools recruiting him projected him as an offensive lineman. He said: "It's frustrating because I wanted to find a place where I wouldn't have to play offense. I thought I did and now it's coming back."

-- Dorrell was very doubtful about Matt Ware's ankle injury. He said: "Matt Ware is still in his boot after all the tests and evaluations we went through yesterday. It's a high ankle sprain that's going to take a little while to heal. It's likely he's out for this game as well. What it was, from the tests that we've done there's still some trauma in the area where he still has a lot of discomfort. We'll keep him in a boot and hopefully that will subside some of his pain by restricting movement in that area when he walks."

When asked if it could be a long-term injury, Dorrell said: "The doctors didn't say that. They didn't give me a specific time but they think it's a three-week injury, but that's not set in stone. He's already been done a couple of weeks."

Ware was even more vague about his potential recovery: "I got to get it evaluated every week, and keep getting my rehab and do what I can to get back."

When asked if it was possible he could miss the rest of the season, Ware said, "I don't know. I have to see how well it gets. (The doctors) never said it was season-ending, no. They said that at some point I'd feel better, and I'll be back on the field. But everything is real vague."

How tough is it emotionally for Ware to sit out of practice: "It's tough. It's my love. I love to be out there. But I know that I wouldn't be helping myself by being out there right now. I have to get this thing better."

-- Dorrell on Leisle: "Rodney is still very sore. He ran around and didn't do any contact and didn't have any shoulder garments on. The likelihood is very doubtful to me, whether he'll be able to play."

On Faoa: "He's still hampered by the same ankle injury. He's probably going to play in his reserve role, and we're doing a precautionary thing by not giving him too much during this week of practice."

Dorrell, though, talked pretty definitively about who would start on the defensive line. He said: "Ryan Boschetti will start at the three-technique, and C.J. Niusulu will start at the nose. And Asi Faoa will play at both positions. Then Thomas Patton will be the next guy in."

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