Dorrell's Practice Comments

Head Coach Karl Dorrell updates us on the status of a few key players, including star defensive tackle Rodney Leisle, defensive lineman Asi Faoa and tight end Keith Carter...

Defensive tackle Rodney Leisle, who was thought to be out for Saturday's game against Arizoan State, practiced Thursday and will be able to play. Head coach Karl Dorrell talked about Leisle, and other injury news, plus the right guard and corner situation.

On Rodney Leisle: "He looked better, though he didn't do any contact. Our concern is how long he'll last. He did practice today and did look better, and he will play. But how long he plays and how long he can hold up will be determined in game time. He'll start. We did some aggressive treatment with him, within the best interest of what the doctors wanted to do with him. The longer we could keep him out without any contact, and just doing the treatment we were doing, they thought that was the best thing. He's out here and he was practically normal. If he lasts the whole game, then great, but there is always that concern of how long he'll last. It's not an injury where he could hurt it any worse. If he's really, really sore and he doesn't feel like he really has the strength what he can normally do, than that's when it could be an issue for him. We still have tomorrow to do some more rehab and all day Saturday to get some stuff and maybe it won't be as big a factor. I am sure he'll whatever he can and we'll take whatever he can give us."

On Leisle's presence: "Obviously I think it's a great emotional lift to have him in there. He's one of the anchors of our defensive line and it's a good unit when they are working together and they are all on the field at the same time. I think it's more of an emotional lift for the other three guys, knowing that one of their big guys is still in there. They understand that guys get hurt and another guy will get an opportunity and hopefully he can do his role pretty well."

On Asi Faoa's status: : "Asi's going to have that ankle problem the whole rest of the season, so it will be off and on for him. But like most weeks, he gets ready to go and play his reserve role as usual."

On Keith Carter's status: "He doesn't have a lot of flexibility. The healing of that hip is there, and he can run and do some things. It's just when you run, and how fast you run, determines how much flexibility you have in the joints. And that's where he's fatigued, and that's what limits him a little bit. The more he keeps working at and gets his flexibility in it, then he'll back to normal. We're going to try to get him in. He's got some roles in some of our our tight end sets and that's our plan."

On cornerback depth and the possibility of Mil'von James or Nnamdi Ohaeri playing CB: "Mil'von James is slightly injured. We'll obviously use Keith (Short) and Marcus Cassel in those roles. I think Mil'von will primarily be used at special teams. Nnamdi is our nickel back in our nickel package and he's also our backup safety, so we didn't feel we could overload him so we'll keep him with what he does."

On whether Paul Mociler or Kevin Brown will start at right guard: "No we haven't decided. I'm thinking the likelihood it will be Paul but we'll rotate in Kevin and see from there. Since it was his first week, I don't know if you want to star struck him too quickly, especially when he hasn't had a snap."

On Arizona State's offense: "Andrew Walter is playing like Andrew Walter is supposed to play. I think he is playing his best football now. They are getting into that rhythm right now where they have a lot of confidence. We're going to try to limit some of that success that they have. When you give a quarterback time, that opens up some options. I noticed that he's been having some time back there to find the open receiver."

On Jebiaus Brown possibly suiting up: "I don't think so."

On Justin London's play to this point: "He played his best game last week and we had that expectation for him at the beginning. We knew he was going to be a young player and we knew he would make some mistakes, but he played his best overall game last week. From our standpoint, it's what we expected out of him. He's a pretty big catalyst for our defense and we would love for him to continue what he's doing."


-- It's Homecoming this Saturday against ASU.

-- The game will be televised on Fox Sports Net 2 in Los Angeles due to a Kings game telecast on Fox Net.

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