Quotes from the Locker Room

After another win, the locker room was buzzing. Here are comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrell, Craig Bragg, Brandon Chillar, and two standout true freshmen who had a big impact in the ASU game, Maurice Drew and Kevin Brown...

-- Head Coach Karl Dorrell commented on the win overall: "The more you progress through your season, the tougher these games are becoming. I'm proud of the way w were able to battle back, put some points on the board, and shut out another team in the second half. We've been very fortunate doing that. I'm really proud of this team, they keep battling and find a way to make a play when we need to. I feel real fortunate and happy that we were able to win this one. We're one step closer to our goal. We'll just keep moving on and keep getting better week after week."

On keys to the game: "We generated some running game on our offense, which was probably the first time all season we were able to do some things positively. The defense came out in the second half and played lights out, played a style of defense they've been playing most of the season. Our special teams, too, had to step up and do a better job of containing their returners, and that helped us in our second half."

On the injuries: "We're one more week closer. We have four weeks to go and obviously we played a very good opponent tonight. It's the point in the season where you start to lose players here and there on both sides of the ball and it's unfortunate that's how it is, but that's part of the game. You're going to lose a kid here and there but you have to have someone step up and fill in someone's shoes and make some plays, and sustain the level of productivity the starter had. That's what happened for us. We had a couple of starters who weren't on the defensive side of the ball, and we had some guys step up and fill those roles really well."

On the performance of true freshman running back Maurice Drew: "He played very well. He was the hot back. He had a great run, the touchdown run in the second half, showed some good speed, and obviously he's a very strong and slashing type runner. He was the hot back in the second half and provided a lot of punch for us when we needed something. It was nice to see him feeling comfortable and wanting to take that role. We're pleased with his effort and obviously it's part of the reason why we won today."

On whether ASU quarterback Andrew Walter getting injured changed Dorrell's game plan on defense: "Our game plan didn't change. I'm sure theirs did. But I think defensively, when you lose a player...we lost Rodney Leisle, too, in the first half, and between rotating a few guys they helped our defense maintain the edge that it had. It was unfortunate for ASU to lose their starting quarterback. I've been there. I've been there when we lost ours. It's part of the game."

On quarterback Matt Moore's performance: "He's rusty. That was part of the process. Whenever you've missed a lot of time and then assume the role of the starter again, we knew he wouldn't be flawless out there. He did some nice throws in the early portions of the game. He got a little frustrated in the middle part, with pressure getting on him. He made a couple of mistakes with the football. I think he'll look at the game tomorrow and have a better understanding after watching himself and the mistakes he made and hopefully correct those issues. It was good seeing him back in there. He made a couple of nice throws and directed us in the second half. We'll take that as a positive and continue to get better."

-- Brandon Chillar talked about the significance of ASU losing Walter: "I'm sure that most of their scheme is around him (Walter). They were trying to work with what they had, and (Sam Keller) stepped in and did his best. It's hard to come in as the second-string quarterback and play well. It seemed like Walter is their leader, and once they lost their leader, it's hard. They still fought hard, you have to give it to them. But there's a difference without him. He's a great quarterback with a great arm. He can just make plays happen. The last two weeks he's been playing really well."

-- Maurice Drew commented overall about his break-out performance: "It was all the o-line, and they really started blocking, and with my fullback, Pat Norton, hitting the linebackers, I was just trying my best to make a great run with them busting their butts."

On his 82-yard carry, the longest by a true freshman in UCLA history: "I was running downhill, and all the linemen pushed everyone down, and Pat kicked his guy out and there was nothing but grass in front of me. I bounced outside and started running as fast as I can. Coach Bieniemy always told us if we ever get caught we won't be playing again, as a joke, but I didn't want to get caught. The line had been working hard the whole game and I just wanted to give them something and have something to celebrate at the end."

On not always getting many carries: "It doesn't bother me at all. If I don't get in and we win, that's fine with me. As long as the team is doing well. I'm here to help the team. That's what they recruited me for. But when I get in, I'm going to play has hard as I can."

On whethere he feels more pressure to perform getting fewer carries: "Not really. I'm just trying to perform for o-line. They work the whole week, pounding on themselves all week. It's more just for them. If I get an 80-yard run, they're happy and they keep blocking, compared to a negative-two-yard run. It's a thing that works on itself. If I get them a good run they block better."

-- Craig Bragg on his first catch from scrimmage that went for 52 yards: "I was just trying to set the tone and the momentum. I got the opportunity to touch the ball on the first play. I was able to make the guy miss, get up the sideline and make a big play."

On Matt Moore: "I think he felt comfortable back there. When he saw guys making plays for him that made him more comfortable, and he played well today, and I expect better things from him next week."

On whether he gets frustrated when UCLA ran the ball in the second half: "I didn't get frustrated. I had opportunities earlier. I'll take a win any day. I'll take a win over 100 catches."

On whether he thought Drew would get caught on his touchdown run: "I was pretty confident he wouldn't get caught. He's deceptive. You might think he's not that fast, but he can pull away from people."

-- Freshman Kevin Brown started the game at right offensive guard and shared reps with Paul Mociler relatively evenly. His reaction: "It was cool, man. I'm glad we got the win. Everything came together in the second half. We're a second-half team."

On how long it took him to really feel comfortable: "I just had to feel it out. It was rough at the start. But in the second half I was in there for some long drives and I got a feel for it and everything was great. I definitely felt more comfortable as the game went on. At the beginning I was nervous, shaky. But in the second half, when my boy Maurice broke that run, that's when I really felt I got into it. Everything changed. I felt really comfortable and it was easier. The game was really fun then."

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