Berg is Big But Fairly Unknown

The mammoth offensive line prospect from Arizona, Stephen Berg, isn't know well by recruiting fans, but college coaches have been coming out to see him. Berg talks about his recruiting and his favorite schools...

Stephen Berg, 6-6, 295, Tucson (Ariz.) Canyon Del Oro, is a big offensive line prospect who isn't too well known, even on the west coast, but he's getting some good attention from college coaches.

Berg said he's getting recruited by the entire Pac-10, and has been offered by Arizona, ASU, Cal and Colorado State.

Berg said, though, that his top five schools right now are UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and ASU. "I really don't have a leader. I want to keep an open mind and weigh all my options."

Berg, who lost about 20-30 pounds due to a viral infection recently, said he might be a little underweight at 295. "At one point I was at 330. But I think I'd maybe want to stay at about 295 to 300. And just get stronger." Berg said, other than the game where he was "throwing up on just about every play" due to the infection, he's played well this year, with his team so far posting a record of 3-1. Berg is supposed to have good quickness and agility for a player his size, and he said he's been using it this year so far to out-quick his opponents.

When it comes to taking official visits, Berg said he wants to wait until after his season is completed. "I want to see how far we'll go in the post-season before I start making trip plans," he said. "If we went to the finals, the last game would be December 15th, so I could make plans for after that, but I'll probably wait."

Berg said that, if he had to take his five trips right now, he'd visit the five favorites he listed – UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and ASU.

Growing up, Berg said that his favorite school was Arizona, being from Tucson. "I'm not really getting that much pressure, though, to stay home. Some of the kids at school want me to go to ASU, some want me to go to Arizona. My parents, they're really open to wherever I want to go. Staying close to home, though, isn't a priority."

What will be a big factor to Berg in his decision is the education. "What I reallly want is a good education. I want to study sports medicine. I haven't checked into the majors in sports medicine at the different schools. It's kind of hard to get information on the majors. But education is the most important." Berg said he has a 3.1 GPA and scored an 1150 on the SAT.

Berg said that second-most important factor are the football program's coaches. "Coaching makes a big difference. If you get along with them well or not. It'd be hard to spend four or five years of your life with coaches that you might not get along with. Then, how good is the quality of their coaching?"

Many college coaches have been out to Canyon Del Oro to see Berg play. "There have been some coaches at my games, and some have come to practices. Arizona and ASU. I also talk to Washington, UCLA and Oregon every week. Last spring, all of them came out. And then last year, UCLA came to see me play. And I'm expecting that UCLA, Washington and Oregon will come to see me play this year, too."

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