Report from Thursday Practice

Keith Carter's prognosis gets worse, and Head Coach Karl Dorrell identifies the injured players who will stay home this weekend. Quarterback Matt Moore also was recovering from an injury...

It was a spirited, loud practice – due to the team yelling quite a bit during offensive drills, and the manufactured noise the coaches had piped in through speaker to simulate a road atmosphere.

Head Coach Karl Dorrell commented after practice:

On Keith Carter: "He's going to need another procedure, possibly, to help stimulate some more growth in that particular area (hip), so they're thinking about what to do with that. He probably won't play the rest of this season, and this would give him an opportunity to come back and be ready next year. I feel for the kid, because he's worked his tail off. He tried to get ready to play and some weeks it looked like everything was right on schedule, and some weeks it didn't quite respond to all the fatigue he put on it. I feel more for Keith, but he's a tough kid and he's going to work through this situation that he's in. There is no doubt it my mind that he is going to do everything he can to get himself on the field."

On the procedure necessary for Carter: We want to try to stimulate more blood flow to regenerate it a little bit. Everything looks fine, but this additional minor procedure can help stimulate some blood flow in there so he can have a complete recovery. We don't know when the procedure will be. I think he's discussing all those issues with his family right now on where and when it will happen."

On whether Carter can take a medical redshirt: : "That's going to take a while, it's a longer process. He can't petition it until afterwards."

On Matt Ware and Rodney Leisle: "Matt didn't practice, same as yesterday, and Rodney didn't practice. Rodney is out of the boot, that's a good sign, but he is a long ways from running and cutting and all those things, but the swelling is done, which is helpful and that is the biggest thing with those high ankle sprains, and now he's got to re-strengthen it."

On Matt Moore experience soreness in his back: "It kind of flared up on him yesterday, but the doctors seem to think it was a spasm thing and he will be fine for the game."

On whether the Cal situation a year ago is prompting them to take four quarterbacks this time to the Bay Area: "We'll travel with three quarterbacks. We took four to our non-conference games since we can take more, but since we can only take 60, we'll just take three."

On the upperclassman talking about the Stanford debacle of 2001 and Arizona two weeks ago: "The guys that have been here can draw from both experiences, playing on the road, not playing as well as they should have at Stanford, and the issues we had at Arizona. It's obviously the Arizona game we didn't do the things we should have been doing the first half. We're hoping to get a better start this game to do the things we need to do to win the game. It helps when you have a better beginning than to get started in the second half."

On Kevin Brown's week of practice: "He's looked good. He looks better than last week. He's starting to get more familiar with what we are doing. He'll play better this week than he did the week before. He's getting more comfortable in there. I think those things will help us down this stretch here."

On C.J. Niusulu or Asi Faoa starting in place of Rodney Leisle: "It will be between C.J. and Asi. We'll determine that at game time, after warm ups. We'll see how Asi's feeling. C.J. has had a good week of practice, and I think either one will be ready to go if their name is called."

On the travel roster: "We're not bringing (Matt) Ware, we're not bringing (Rodney) Leisle, we're not bringing (Keith) Carter. We've got some guys that are going, that have played themselves into a backup position. Jimmy Stephens is our third fullback. We're bringing Robert Garcia, he's one of our defensive linemen. And we're bringing our backup snapper, long and short snapper Edward Douglas, so they will be the guys replacing the three injured guys."

On the team's motivation for winning the Pac-10: "I don't think it is a hard motivation. My biggest challenge is to keep them focused on this particular game. We can't do anything about what it could be until you get through this week. My approach, and I am pretty consistent with that, is that we're taking this one game at a time. You have to beat the opponent before you before you can think of anything else. I will, before the game, keep stressing that issue."

On Pat Norton and J.D. Groves replacing Manuel White: "I expect them both to have that type of production. With Manuel out, Norton was productive. Norton will start and we'll obviously get J.D. ready to spell him when we need him. That's their role now, they have to be ready to fill those shoes."

On Jason Harrison's return: "He looked better again this week. I'm hardly noticing a limp from him now. He's close to being at full speed. We're working him with our scouts. At some point, we'll see what he can do, adding some depth for us at the tailback position."

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