Lavin at Tip-Off Luncheon

UCLA Basketball Head Coach Steve Lavin spoke at the annual Los Angeles Athletic Club Tip-Off Luncheon yesterday...

Steve Lavin spoke yesterday about the upcoming UCLA basketball season at the Los Angeles Athletic Club's annual College Tip-Off Luncheon, which is designed to allow the coaches of all the "local" colleges (from Cal Poly SLO south to San Diego State) to make some brief remarks to the press about their teams and prospects for the coming year.  Actually, it's more of a fundraiser for the John Wooden Award, which of course is a worthy cause.  

Like the rest of his colleagues, Lavin didn't say much.  Most of the attendees were too busy eating the free food to listen, anyway.  Lavin expressed optimism for the coming year.  His positive feelings have been inspired by the return of 4 starters, including 3 SRs and 1 JR, the return of two more SRs, plus the addition of what he called the nation's top-ranked recruiting class.  It was hard to find fault with his reasoning.

Lavin did cause a stir by telling the audience that freshman point guard Cedric Bozeman is now 6-8.  Fox Sports writer Frank Burlison audibly choked on his prime rib when he heard that.  Me, I'm skeptical.  But 6-6, 6-8, what's the difference?  Lavin also spoke briefly about his two new assistants, Gerald Madkins and Patrick Sandle, but didn't go beyond praising them.

Other Notes:

-- Sources indicate the UCLA staff is hopeful Mike Fey will be joining the team around mid-December, possibly in time for the UC Irvine game December15th.  So, Mike would miss the first 6 or 7 games of the season.    

-- T.J. Cummings measured out at 6-10 and 225 for the start of practice.

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