QB Prospect Hinds Still Has Top Four

He's had to sit out his senior year due to an injury, but it's allowed Playa Del Rey St. Bernard's <b>Rocky Hinds</b>, the #20-ranked quarterback in the country, to focus more on recruiting. He takes his first official visit this weekend...

Sitting on the sidelines for the season because of a knee injury has taught Playa Del Rey (Calif.) St. Bernard's quarterback Rocky Hinds (6-4, 210) a lesson in patience. But he is ready to start being active again.

"The knee is still in a brace, but I've been rehabbing since the surgery. I'll start running soon. It's just been tough, watching and knowing you could help, but not being able to. My coaches have been helpful. I know I'll have a full recovery."

With his senior year over, Hinds has had more time to focus on recruiting, and while he has a ton of offers, the same four schools have been at the top of his list throughout.

"It's still Notre Dame, Washington, UCLA and USC," said Hinds.

While the injury could have set back his recruiting, Hinds hasn't had any of his top four schools jump off the bandwagon. "They all are sticking with me. Nobody jumped off when I got hurt," said Hinds.

This weekend, Hinds will take his first official visit, to Notre Dame when the Irish take on Florida State. "I'm looking forward to it. I've never been there. I want to see the atmosphere and the campus. I talk to (Notre Dame assistant) Coach Diedrich a lot and it's going to be a pretty cool trip. (Current freshman defensive back) Freddie Parrish is a friend of mine and he's going to be my host when I go out there."

Hinds only other scheduled trip is to Washington, the second weekend in December.

The two local schools probably won't be getting an official visit as of now. "I've been there enough to know what to expect. I'll probably make my decision when I am done with all of my trips," said Hinds.

Hinds laughed at the recent rumors that he had committed to UCLA. He said, "They are all pretty even. I don't even know where I want to go right now. I just want to know where they started from. I've made no commitment."

. Hinds plans to attend his first UCLA game of the season, when the Bruins host Oregon on November 15th.

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