Langford Talks About Official Visit

The 6-8 power forward from Texas with the 3.95 GPA, <b>Kevin Langford</b>, visited UCLA last weekend and came away with a glowing review. He talks about his options...

Kevin Langford, 6-8 SR PF, Fort Worth (Tex.) North Crowley, visited UCLA officially last weekend and came home with a very good impression.

"It went really well," Langford said. "It was my best visit overall. It just has everything you're looking for in a college."

Langford, who has officially visited Stanford and Virginia, is now just considering UCLA and California, which he'll visit officially he says by spring.

"Yeah, right now it's just those two schools," Langford said. "Stanford and Virginia got commitments from other guys at my position. While I really like UCLA and Cal, neither has offered yet, so I'm hoping other schools get involved."

If either offered, what would Langford do? "Even though I haven't seen Cal yet, if UCLA offered I'd probably accept it. But if they both offer sometime in spring, then I'd have to make a decision. Right now UCLA is probably my favorite, just because it was such a great trip and I haven't seen Cal yet. I don't know what Cal's like."

Langford elaborated on what he liked about UCLA: "I just like the weather there. Most of all it's a college, but there are a lot of things in the city, a lot of things to do there. It had all the things I was looking for: Good location, the school has prestige, good weather, and a good coach. Its history means a lot too. You know that if you're UCLA you're going to get respect, even with them not being good last year. It just comes with the name UCLA."

When asked about what he did on his visit, Langford said he got the red-carpet treatment. "Everything was great. I hung out with the players. They took me on a tour of West L.A., Bevery Hills, Bel-Air. I watched practice, which was great. They practice really hard. The first night Brian Morrison was my host and the second night Michael Fey. They were both great since they had both come from outside of California to come to UCLA."

Langford also provided his opinion of UCLA's new head coach Ben Howland: "He's a great dude. He's pretty funny. He's relaxed and it's easy to talk to him. But at practice he'll get after it and get on you if you mess up. It's the way it should be. He's a great coach."

Howland explained to Langford how he'd fit into UCLA's offense. Langford said, "Coach Howland would want me to play the four spot, but his four is not a normal four. His four needs to pass, dribble and shoot like a guard. And then rebound and play defense like a big man. I like it. Most of the time on offense you aren't playing with your back to the basket."

Langford, who averaged 21 points and 8 rebounds a game as a junior last year, is the younger brother of current Kansas wing Keith Langford. He said he's put on some muscle since last summer, up to about 215, and could put on more bulk. "I spoke with the UCLA strength coach. He said I had the type of frame that could add more weight easily."

What also makes Langford a very attractive prospect is a 3.95 GPA and a 1170 SAT.

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