Press Conference: News, Notes & Quotes

Head Coach Bob Toledo discusses the Huskies, while the injury report is good, and UCLA dominates some statistics...

Notes & Injuries:

-- Local policemen, firemen, sheriffs and highway patrolmen will be given two complimentary tickets to the Washington game.

-- WR Cody Joyce, doubtful, concussion; FB Matt Stanley, doubtful, high ankle sprain; P Chris Kluwe, out, knee; LB Robert Thomas, practicing, more contact by end of week, concussion; WR Tab Perry, practicing, more contact by end of week, concussion; OL Mike Saffer, will start.

-- Ryan Nece is this week's co-captain.

Head Coach Bob Toledo comments…

On Washington generally as an opponent…

"They're a top ten team, the defending Pac-10 champions, they have one of nation's longest win streaks, they've had numerous come-from behind victories. I you look at their team offensively they have some tremendously skilled athletes. I was impressed this weekend watching their backup quarterback, Barton, come in and do a great job. Defensively they're very athletic and aggressive. Their special teams, they have an excellent punter and an all-league caliber kicker. I think he kicked a 56-yarder against us two years ago. They're an excellent football team.

On being callled conservative and having a game plan that predominantly runs the ball…

"First of all, a lot of things go into a game plan. Defensively we're playing extremely well, and that always gives you the chance to win the game and changes your game plan somewhat. Offensively, we have an excellent running back, so we want to give him the football. You have to be able to run the football, and then we make some big plays off the play-action passes. If you can make the run game go, they have to commit 8 or 9 guys to the box, you get single coverage and you can come up with some big pass plays.

"That's not to say we're not going to throw the footballl. You know me well enough. I'm not conservative. Reverses, swinging gates, all kinds of things. I'm not a conservative person. I hope that I'm smart enough to utilize the talent I have available to me, and if I didn't give it to DeShaun Foster I'm sure I'd be second-guessed."

On defending Washington freshman wide receiver Reggie Williams…

"Well, it got down to Washington and us for him last year. He's a great football player. He's a guy with unbelievable size and speed. He's a bigger Freddie Mitchell. I would have love to have got him. I don't know how you stop him. You can double-cover him but they have other receivers who are doing some a good job, too. Of course, they can run the ball extremely well. So, it's hard to stop him. You just have to be realy competitive, and stay all over him and make it difficult, and then at times you may to have to try to double-cover if you can."

On whether Matt Ware's size will dictate that he defend Williams…

"Ware is big, but then he doesn't have the experience. Ricky Manning has. Ricky is a real competitive guy, and sometimes when he's challenged, he really competes. They'll both end up on him at times."

On Taylor Barton coming in and playing well when Washington starting QB Cody Pickett went down and how they compare…

"I think Barton has more experience, that's probably the biggest thing. He played a year of junior college football last year. So, it's the experience that showed up. He was a little nervous at first, but got over it, and played extremely well. And threw the ball extremely well. He probably doesn't run the option as well as Pickett."

On the possibility of playing against Cory Paus's little brother, true freshman quarterback Casey Paus…

"It would be interesting to see what he can do. He's a great kid and comes from a great family. I know they'd like to redshirt him, but he's going to be an excellent player for them. If he's in the game, he's a true freshman, and it's hard to play with a true freshman at quarterback."

On the game plan against the Washington quarterbacks…

"We want to hit the quarterback, legally, and we hope to get to their quarterback a few times. We've had more hits on the quarterback this year so far than we did all of last year. We didn't sack the quarterbck much last year, and we're ahead of that. So, one of the things we want to do is hit the quarterback. That has an impact on his performance."

On the UCLA offense not being the high-octane offense it's been the last several years…

"The Alabama and Ohio state were tough fought football games. And we fumbled the ball seven times against OSU, so that hurts your ability to score. Then look at Kansas and Oregon state, if you wanted to run up the score, I didn't. We didn't throw the ball. Statistically it looks a little out of whack but again the important things is to win the football game. You don't get points for style. I remember scoring 45 points and getting 600 yards against somebody and they beat us. That doesn't matter. Win."

On how important the month of October is…

"In October, we have some big games coming up. Four of the next five teams are undefeated right now. It's a huge month. You look at this week and there are going to be some teams going up and down. Stanford plays Washington State. Someone's going to go up and someone's going to go down. We're going to play Washington. Someone's going to get knocked out of the top ten. It's a big week. And it only gets tougher. The more you win going up the ladder, the bullseye gets bigger and bigger on your chest. Everyone wants to beat you."

On Washington's knack for winning close games…

It's one of those atttitudes. Whatever happens, you believe you're going to win. I think they have a great attitude. I think Oregon has that same kind of attitude. I'm hoping that we have it right now. You look at their team, two years ago we beat them here. Had to beat them in overtime. Last year we had it at 21-14 at half and let it slip away. They have a way of hanging in there at the end and winning the game.This will be a great college football game. It's going to be exciting. I can't wai for Saturday. You have two undefeated, top-ten teams. You've got the defending Pac-10 champion against a team that won two championships in the last 4 years. It will be electric out there."


Individual Rushing: DeShaun Foster, #1 in Pac-10, #10 in nation, 128.0.

Passing Efficiency: Cory Paus, #20 in nation, 145.3

Punting: Nate Fikse, #1 in Pac-10, #20 in nation, 43.55

Field Goals: Chris Griffith, #3 in Pac-10, tied for #15 in nation, 1.75

All-Purpose Yards: DeShaun Foster, #1 in Pac-10, tied for #22 in nation, 139.50

Rushing Offense: #1 in Pac-10, #25 in nation, 197.25

Total Offense: #5 in Pac-10, 396.2

Rushing Defense: #5 in Pac-10, 120.0

Passing Defense: #1 in Pac-10, #11 in nation, 151.50

Total Defense: #1 in Pac-10, #12 in nation, 271.50

Scoring Defense: #1 in Pac-10, #6 in nation, 11.8

Pass Efficiency Defense: #1 in Pac-10, #2 in nation,76.33

Sacks: #4 in Pac-10, 10

Penalty Yards, Least: #1 in Pac-10, 45.2

Opponents 3rd-Down Conversions: #3 in Pac-10, 23.8

Red Zone Defense: #1 in Pac-10, 42.9% scoring

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