UCLA Moving Up With Edwards

Thought to be a long-time Stanford lean, UCLA looks to be challenging the Cardinal for Trent Edwards, one of the few best quarterback prospects in the country...

Trent Edwards, 6-3, 185, Los Gatos (Calif.) High, has thought to be a solid Stanford lean in the past, but UCLA has pulled even in the Edwards sweepstakes.

When asked what schools he was considering, Edwards responded, "Right now I'm pretty much looking mostly at UCLA and Stanford. They're pretty much even. UCLA has pulled even with Stanford. Both have their pros and cons, and I'm weighing them out. I'd like to be at either school next season."

Edwards said he's also considering Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, and Washington. He has an official visit scheduled to Michigan on January 13th, and is in the process of setting up his other visits. He said he plans to visit UCLA and Stanford and will choose between Tennesseee, Florida and Washington for his last two visits.

Edwards said his intentions are to take all of his five official visits. "I'd like to take all five trips and experience the whole entire process. I really want to see the different schools, see how their seasons go." he said. "But maybe it's not reasonable that I'll be able to visit all five, though."

So far Edwards hasmattended the Stanford/Boston College game, and intends on going to the UCLA/Stanford game in Palo Alto October 27th.

Edwards, who has thrown for about 1,000 yards in five games with 14 touchdowns while leading his Los Gatos team to a 5-0 record, said that the two front runners, UCLA and Stanford, give him quite a bit to ponder. Stanford has offered him a scholarship, contingent on him improving his SAT score (Edwards scored an 1130 on his previous SAT). Edwards is also very aware of the fact that UCLA has already received a commitment from Newhall Hart quarterback Matt Moore, and that UCLA has one more scholarship left earmarked for a quarterback. "With Stanford, I just have to complete the application, improve my score and be accepted. With UCLA, it's a little scary that a scholarship might not be there for me. If someone commits now, maybe later I'd wish I'd committed first. I wish it was a better situation, that it wasn't first come first serve. I just have to see what will be the right thing for me."

Another factor could be that Stanford is so close to his home. "It's only 20 minutes away," he said. "So it is a factor. It's a question of whether I want to head to L.A. or stay around here. I'll see how my senior year goes, figure it out, and see if I want to stay in this area."

Right now, with so much still unknown, Edwards says it's truly a dead heat between UCLA and Stanford, given the information he has, and he can see himself at both schools. "I think they're pretty similar in offensive style. I think I'd fit in at both, and that it'd work out well either way. I'd love to go to UCLA and I'd love to go to Stanford."

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