The Pope Will Visit

The athlete from Texas, Roshawn Pope, said he knows the five schools he wants to visit officially...

Roshawn Pope, 5-11, 180, Galveston (Tex.) Ball, is another all-around athlete that plays quarterback for his high school team that has coaching staffs admiring his overall athleticism and speed – and thinking about him playing another position.

Pope, who has run in the 4.4 range in the 40, said that he's gained 884 yards as a quarterback running the ball in 5 games, and thrown for 324. And while he'd like to play quarterback in college he realizes he'll probably end up at another position. "Many colleges are recruiting me as an athlete or a wide receiver," Pope said. "It's no problem playing defense either. I played it before, and I might even like it. But I like the ball in my hands. I like the control."

Pope lists Nebraska, UCLA, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State as the five schools he's narrowed it down to. "I think right now I like Nebraska and Kansas State," he said. "But those are the five schools I want to visit and anything can change on the visits." Pope said he'll visit Oklahoma State on December 12th, but hasn't yet arranged official visits to the other four on his list. He also said that all five had offered him a scholarship.

Pope said he wouldn't mind staying close to home, but he wouldn't want to be too close, and he wasn't sure what was too far. When asked if UCLA could be too far for him, Pope said, "Los Angeles isn't too far. I went there one time when I was fifteen, but that's it. I really want to take a trip to UCLA. They seem like a really good team and I think I could like L.A. I spoke with coach (John) Pearce, and I like him, and would really like to meet him in person, and see what UCLA has to offer."

Since his older brother went through the recruiting process a couple of years ago, Pope said he has some experience with recruiting and knows what he's looking for. "The biggest thing is honesty in the coaches. I don't want a coach that's just going to tell me things. The coach should be straight. And then I want to see what each school has to offer. I'm looking for a good physical therapy major. Nebraska has that."

Pope said he maintains a 2.9 GPA and is taking the SAT a second time in November.

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