Football News and Rumors

More bits of information about the football program are coming from various sources, including news of an official visit this weekend, and fairly reliable rumors about Matt Ware and a coaching change...

-- According to sources, UCLA is entertaining a player on an official visit this weekend. It's unknown who the player is at this time, but is known that he is a lineman who is tranasferring from another D-1 school.

-- Tom Cable, the ex-head coach at Idaho, is indeed the leading candidate to be the new offensive line coach, and new offensive coordinator, sources are indicating.

However, Cable wants to look into any possibility of getting a NFL job.

So, it's by no means a done deal.

-- Also, as we reported here yesterday, there is a possibility that junior cornerback Matt Ware could opt for the NFL next season.

Ware has received some indications that he could be a late first-round or second round pick. The word is that if Ware gets some degree of guarantee from the NFL that he would go that high, he'd more than likely choose to leave for the NFL early.

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