Elite Athlete Harrington Has a Big List

From a small town in Missouri, Dedrick Harrington is considered one of the best athletes in the midwest, excelling in both football and basktball. He's still wide open when it comes to schools...

Dedrick Harrington, a chiseled 6-foot-4, 225-pound LB/WR from Mexico, Missouri, is getting recruited heavily for football, but also is regarded as a college-level basketball player. Harrington, with basketball being his first love, would prefer that he play both in college, but realizes that he probably can't.

"I know it has to be one or the other," Harrington said of his impending decision. "It's a tough call." Harrington is getting more interest on the foootball side, with several Big 10, Big 12 and a couple of SEC schools having offered in football.

Harrington could be a top-flight receiver, but his small-town high school team rarely passes and he averages just two catches a game. "That really has me down," Harrington said. "I know we could do so much more if we opened up the offense." With the offense in a malaise, Harrington said he prefers defense. He is a menacing sight at outside linebacker, where he uses 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash to track down ballcarriers and receivers.

Harrington said his childhood favorites were North Carolina in basketball and Notre Dame in football. The Irish have offered, "but this is for my future, so who I liked when I was younger doesn't matter now," Harrington said.

Harrington plans to wait until after his high school football season to plan his trips. His hesitance to choose a sport has also delayed planning of trips. He's wide open right now and will choose five from Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, UCLA and Wisconsin, and maybe some others.

"Everybody here has Tiger blood," Harrington said, referring to nearby University of Missouri (about 25 miles away), "but that won't affect my decision. I've been noticing UCLA. They have a pretty good team."

Harrington added that he is likely to stay in the Midwest, but is so wide open that he could be swayed.

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