Morgan Down To Final Two

After taking five trips in a week, <b>Kyle Morgan</b> from Mississippi has concluded his tour and has narrowed his choices down to a final two...

After a week span that saw him take five official visits, Pearl River (Miss.) JC defensive end Kyle Morgan, 6-4, 250, has sorted out his list and narrowed his choice of future schools down to a final two.

"UCLA and Alabama," said Morgan. "It's going to be one of those two."

With tomorrow being JC signing day, Morgan is hoping to make his decision as quickly as possible and let the school he chooses know.

"I should know by tomorrow (Wednesday, the 17th) if not by the end of the week," said Morgan.

He kept himself plenty busy the past week, visiting UCLA, Alabama, Illinois, Texas A&M and Louisville.

"The trips were good but tiring," said Morgan.

So what's made it between UCLA and Alabama?

"There is a good chance to come in at either school and play right away and start. I only have two years to play two, so I want to start playing right away. They are pretty even. I have family on the West Coast, and I have played here in the South, so they both are factors, but not that big."

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