Official Visits for the Weekend

It's the big weekend for UCLA football recruiting, with at least 11 recruits taking their official visits, including some elite un-committed players at defensive tackle, offensive line and quarterback...

It's the biggest recruiting weekend of the season so far for UCLA, with the Bruins bringing in the most players, as well as the most highly-touted, they have yet.

The un-committed recruits known to be taking official visits this weekend:

Darryl Richard, #9-ranked DT in nation
Allen Smith, #17-ranked OL in nation
Terrance Kelly, #20-ranked LB
Rocky Hinds, #18-ranked QB
Geoff Schwartz, OL
Jacob Hickman, JC DE
Gary Green, RB
Byron Velega, DB
Chris Meadows, DB

Committed players taking their visits:

Rodney Van, #13-ranked CB
Ryan Graves, #46-ranked WR
David Koral, JC QB
There are reports that UCLA could have up to three more recruits visiting this weekend. We'll report any information as we get it.

To find out all the details on each recruit, just click on their hyper links.

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