OL Prospect Schwartz Has All the Info

The 6-6 offensive line prospect, <b>Geoff Schwartz</b>, lives only two miles from the UCLA campus, so it wasn't really a "trip" for him when he took his official visit this weekend. He's done with his visits and now says he has enough information to make his decision...

Geoff Schwartz, 6-6, 300, Pacific Palisades (Calif.) Palisades, took his official visit to UCLA, is done with his visits and said he's got enough information to make a decision.

"I have all the information I need now," Schwartz said. "I just have to let it sink in, and then I'll go with the feeling of what's right."

Schwartz said that the three finalists – UCLA, Oregon and Arizona – are even at this point. "Yeah, I really don't have a favorite right now. I just have some things to think about."

Schwartz said his UCLA visit was unusual – as recruiting visits go. "UCLA is only three miles from my house in Santa Monica," he said. "It was different from the other trips because it wasn't really a trip. It's my hometown. And I've been to UCLA before. It was still a good trip, though. Even though I knew quite a bit about UCLA, I know about the school and the program, it still improved my opinion a bit. I got to meet all the players, which was something I hadn't done."

Both Schwartz's parents are Bruin alumni, he grew up a UCLA fan, and he said that would be a factor in his decision. "It does affect it a little bit," he said. "I will take that into consideration when I make my decision."

There really wouldn't be one deciding factor in his decision, but an overall feeling that will lead to his decision. "It's the overall environment of the college and the football program that will decide it for me. When it all comes down to it, it could be a gut feeling on how I feel. I'll take everything into consideration, everything I knew and everything I learned on my trips. I know it's going to be a tough decision."

UCLA did try to make it clear to Schwartz that they were in need of some offensive linemen. He said, "We really didn't discuss early playing time issues, but they said they need some help on the OL. They're looking to get some OLs in the program, and I looked over the depth chart with them. They thought I'd be able to compete for a job in a year or two."

When asked to talk about the two other schools he's considering, Schwartz said the longevity of the Oregon coaching staff is a factor. "They've been there a long time. They're an established program and they always win. I like the coaching staff and the environment up there." When it comes to Arizona, he said when he visited he could sense a new energy from the new coaching staff. "Coach (Mike) Stoops is going to bring a new work ethic and intensity to that program, and have a good chance to turn it around."

When asked if he, as a city boy, preferred to go to college in a small-town environment, Schwart said, "I don't know if that will really matter. I am a big city kid. I know that, wherever I go, when I'm done with school and done with football I'm coming back to the big city. I grew up in the big city and it's where I want to be."

Schwartz, who is playing in the CaliFlorida bowl January 2nd, said he's shooting for a decision before he begins practices for that all-star game, which he believed begins Monday or Tuesday of next week. "I really want to get it over with before then. That's the plan. I hope I can stick to it."

To date, he's had in-home visits from Arizona and Oregon coaches, but not from UCLA coaches. It's now the dead period, beginning tomorrow, December 22nd, through January 1st, which prevents UCLA coaches from having an in-home with Schwart before his decision. Schwartz, though, reiterated that he doesn't need any more information. "I really don't want to know anything more. I just need a little time and hopefully I'll know by that Monday or Tuesday."

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