OL Aaron Meyer Has Favorite

With UCLA appearing to get commitments from two of his teammates, Louisiana offensive line prospect <b>Aaron Meyer</b> talked about whether their decisions would influence his. He has two main schools he's considering and one favorite...

Aaron Meyer, 6-3, 270, River Ridge (Louisiana) John Curtis, laughed when he heard that his teammates – DL Chris Johnson and LB Fred Holmes – had possibly committed to UCLA on their official visits.

"Really? Wow," Meyer said Sunday night. "I haven't talked to them during the weekend so I don't know."

Asked if the potential commitments of Johnson and Holmes would influence his decision, Meyer said he wasn't sure just yet. "I'll have to think about it. Probably not, but I guess it's a plus. It won't actually convince me to go there. But I can hear them now, doing a good job of recruiting me, saying, ‘It's so tight, you have to come.'"

As of right now, even without the influence of Johnson and Holmes, Meyer said that UCLA is his favorite. "They have a lead over Colorado. It's a great school. Since they started recruiting me I wanted to go there. You can't do much better for getting a good education and then on top of it being able to play football. My parents would be happy."

Meyer will visit Colorado January 9th and then UCLA on the 16th. He said he could also possibly visit Mississippi the weekend after UCLA, but he's unsure if he will. "Right now it's just UCLA and Colorado," Meyer said. "And I think I'll probably know by the time I visit UCLA. But we'll see."

Meyer, who has a 3.2 GPA and scored a 19 on the ACT, said that UCLA coach Eric Bieniemy has been the coach recruiting him, and responsible for getting him sold on UCLA. "I mean, I've never been there. I haven't been to L.A. since I was a little kid. But Coach Bieniemy has been on me for a while and made me want to go there for as long as he's been recruiting me."

Now Meyer probably has two more recruiters on him.

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