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We're hearing more pretty reliable rumors that it's looking like Tyler Ebell will transfer.

We're also hearing that Manuel White, while he did contemplate putting his name in the NFL draft, will return next season.

Matt Ware, from what we hear, intends to return to the team next season, unless he gets some very strong indications from the NFL. -- Tracy Pierson


Many close to the situation expect both suspended offensive lineman Alex Potasi and defensive end Junior Lemau'u to return to the team by next fall. -- Tracy Pierson


Running back Tyler Ebell has been seriously considering transferring, many reports from inside the program claim.

Ebell, the redshirt sophomor tailback, in fact, was previously thought certain to announce his transfer after the Silicon Valley Bowl.

Most recent reports are, though, that is continues to waver. -- Tracy Pierson


Freshman fullback Michael Pitre will almost certainly leave the team because of a career-ending injury, according to sources. -- Tracy Pierson


The junior fullback George Hypolite, from Los Angeles Loyola, who is mentioned in the Times article, visited UCLA's practice this week.

He's about 6-2ish and 225. Looked physically impressive... -- Tracy Pierson

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