Ohaeri Familiar With UCLA and USC

The running back/DB from San Bernardino, Glenn Ohaeri, talks about the schools he's considering, staying close or going away from home, and how he's familiar with the local schools, UCLA and USC...

Glenn Ohaeri, 5-9, 180, San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas, said he doesn't have a leader but might be thinking more about UCLA and USC at this point because he's familiar with the schools, and considers himself "still wide open."

"I know a lot about UCLA and USC," Ohaeri said. "I went to two UCLA games and two USC games. I've been on both their campuses. They're both really convenient since they're close to home. But I just don't know about the other schools and I want to find out about them before I'd ever make a decision."

Ohaeri said he's also considering Cal, Notre Dame, Arizona and Boston College mainly. When asked if he was considering Stanford, Ohaeri said that he wasn't sure. "I guess I'm still considering them, but I really don't know. I haven't' filled out the application yet. I plan to soon."

Having run for about 1350 yards so far this season, Ohaeri said he's still unsure as to what position he'll play in college, either running back or defensive back. "I want to say either. I think wherever I go, it'd be up to them, the coaches. Personally it doesn't make a difference to me. I just want the opportunity to play. I think UCLA is recruiting me as a DB and Cal as a running back."

Ohaeri said he has yet to arrange any official visits, but he's going to get around to it soon. "I think in about a week I'll have one or two arranged. I think I'm pretty sure I want to visit Cal and UCLA." He said he intends to take as many visits as possible in December, but didn't know when he would commit. "I intend to take most of my visits," he said. "But you never know. I just don't know. But right now I'd like to take enough visits to make sure I'm making the right decision."

Ohaeri said that, next to a good education, he's looking for a college where he'll feel comfortable. He said, "I'd like to be able to fit in, with the atmosphere and the people. It's really important, the campus, the setting and the people." Has he felt comfortable at any of the schools he's visited unofficially? "From what I know so far of UCLA and USC, yeah, so far so good. I don't think between those two I could make a bad choice."

His parents, though, prefer he stay close to home, but not in Southern California, according to Ohaeri. "My parents want me to stay close – enough. My mom likes Stanford and Cal. My father likes Cal."

Ohaeri said he has a 3.8 cumulative GPA and took the SAT for the first time on October 13th.

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