Hoops Scholarship Breakdown

With UCLA bringing in a very talented basketballl recruiting class in 2004, it's then fun to project just how many scholarships will be open in the coming years, and what positions will be a priority with each class. Here's how the next few years look...

Here is a breakdown of how very likely the scholarships could be distributed in the next few years.

The year designated is their fall enrollment year, or the class they are now a part of due to redshirting.

2003 -- Trevor Ariza (PF/SF), Matt McKinney (PF) (2)
2004 -- Jordan Farmar (PG), Arron Afflalo (SG/SF), Josh Shipp (SG/SF), Lorenzo Mata (C/PF), ________ (5)
2005 -- ________, ________, _______ (3, if they give 5 to the 2004 class, which they intend, to comply with the NCAA 5/8 rule. 4, if they don't)
2006 -- _________, __________, __________ (3, if the scholarship count proceeds as it lays out here)
2007 -- Taylor King, ___________ (2)

Philosophy for 2004:

UCLA has demonstrated that it wants to give out one more scholarship to the 2004 class. If it doesn't get Hairston, it very well could opt to give it to one of the power forward prospects it is watching. The theory is that Howland wants to get in as many guys who can play as fast as he can.

On the other hand, there is a case to be made to not give away a fifth scholarship this spring. It could serve UCLA well to save a scholarship here and there to have plenty available for the 2006 and 2007 classes, which look to be very talented in the west.

Philosophy for 2005:

If UCLA gets Hairston for 2004, their highest priority for 2005 will be the frontcourt, needing both a power forward and a center-type. If it gets Hairston, getting a combo guard-type might not be as high a priority since they'll have quite a few scholarships given to two-guard types. A back-up true point guard could fit the bill better.

If they bring in a power forward with the 2004 class, they'll still probably need a center type, and a combo guard as their first two priorities. After that, it could be the next best player available, regardless of position, but another frontcourt player could be the priority.

Philosophy for 2006:

This is stretching since it's impossible to really project the actual composition of the roster and the players' positions with the addition of the 2005 class. But it's probably pretty safe to assume a point guard will be a priority in this class, and probably a wing and one big. You can never have too many big men who can play at this level, so it's entirely possible that a couple of bigs could come in with this class, especially if UCLA doesn't get the three more it needs to get from 2004 and 2005.

Philosophy for 2007:

It's far too early to know what the recruiting needs will be, but it would be good if UCLA had more to give than just the one scholarship besides the one earmarked for Taylor King in this class. It's very early, but the 2007 high school class already looks particularly talented on the west coast, and it'd be good if UCLA had at least three, if not up to five, to give to that class. Where it would get more available scholarships would be the question. It could save some from the 2004, 2005 and 2006 classes, or players could transfer, or even choose to go pro early.

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