More on the Carpenter Situation

The quarterback from Westlake, <b>Rudy Carpenter</b> visited ASU last weekend, and has a plan for another visit this coming weekend. But he says he still knows what he wants to do and is just waiting on a couple of things to do it...

Rudy Carpenter, 6-2, 180, Westlake Village (Calif.) Westlake, visited ASU this last weekend and, while he said the visit improved ASU in his eyes, he still intends to go to UCLA.

"It was really good and fun," Carpenter said of his ASU visit. "I learned a lot about ASU I didn't know, and it swayed me a little. But I'm still going to UCLA."

Carpenter, if you remember from last week, had told UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell of his intentions to go to UCLA. Dorrell wanted Carpenter to hold off on making a formal verbal commitment until he received academic admissions into UCLA. The quarterback said he talked to Dorrell at the end of last week about it all. "Coach Dorell said I should be fine. He talked to one of my counselors and he said it'd be good. I'm going to take an extra math class. I don't have to take it and I'd be okay without it. But it'd be better if I took it, and I want everything to be right. I'll take it online, through independent study."

Carpenter said that he has some plans for this week. "Coach Dorrell is coming to my house Monday. He'll get to talk to my dad, like a normal in-home visit. They have spoken on the phone for a while, but he wants to talk to him more. It's good because my parents, they just want to make sure I'm making the right decision. They want to be a part of it, and be comfortable I made the right one."

Carpenter has two visits tentatively arranged for this coming weekend, for Michigan State and BYU, but he said he'd rather not take a visit to either. "I have visits arranged because my parents want me to check out schools and make sure I'm making the right decision. But I'd rather visit UCLA this weekend officially and officially verbally commit. I'm going to ask Coach Dorrell if I can do that, because that's what I want to do."

If for whatever reason he can't officially visit and verbally commit this weekend, Carpenter said he'd probably visit BYU. "But I'd like to be done and not visit any other place. Coach Dorrell said I should be academically good, so I'm just waiting for the official okay from admissions, and for him to come out and talk to my parents. If it all goes well this week and I can visit I'll officially verbally commit."

What has him so sold on UCLA, especially after a good visit to ASU? "That trip bumped up ASU in my mind. But I look at the overall picture, the quarterback situation, the location, where I'd be living, and UCLA makes sense. The biggest thing for me is why leave Southern California when I don't have to, especially when I have a chance to play early. Also, I want to get ahead this summer and take summer school, so it'd be easier to go to summer school at UCLA and I wouldn't have to leave home." Taht's what I want to do, and tell him tomorrow and see what he can do.

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