Miller Maintains His Stance

The highly-recruited cornerback from Fresno, Aaron Miller, talks about his long-time favorite and his plans for the next couple of months of his recruitment...

Aaron Miller, 6-1, 180, Fresno (Calif.) Edison, still has UCLA as his steady leader, and he said that really hasn't been shaken much while his recruiting as gotten hectic.

"It's very hectic," Miller said. "I'm getting a ton of calls and it seems like a lot of schools are picking up their pace on recruiting me. But UCLA is still my leader. They've actually been at the top for a long time. As long as I can remember."

Miller said he'd like to trip to five schools – UCLA, Michigan, LSU, Oklahoma and Tennessee. "I already have one set up, to Michigan, for the second weekend in January," Miller said. "I'd like to see all of those schools so I have a chance to make the best decision." Miller said that every school has offered him a scholarship and an official visit but Tennessee.

Miller said that how his team does for the rest of the season will impact his official visit schedule. Miller's been out for the last two weeks with a sprained ankle, but plans to return to the field this week and join an Edison team that is 6-1-1 and headed for the playoffs. "I need to wait a little longer and see how our team does before I set up more trips. I'll probably have more arranged in the next two weeks. If we get knocked out of the playoffs I'll take trips earlier. I'll probably take my first trip to UCLA, just to get the in-state school out of the way."

Miller said he's also getting more familiar with UCLA, even though it's been his favorite for a while. "We used to go to the UCLA games in the last couple of years as a team," he said. "Because of Ricky Manning, since he went to my high school. But I went to the Cal game a couple of weeks ago, and it was fun to go for the first time as a recruit. You get a chance to talk to the coaches, go down on the field, talk to some of the players and go in the locker room. It was a real good experience."

So, even though Miller sounds like he has UCLA as a pretty solid leader, he also maintains that he has some influences that are pulling him in a couple of different directions. "My mom lives in L.A. and she wants me to go to UCLA and stay close to home. My dad, he wants me to get out, go away to college. And then he'll come and see my games wherever I play. So, it's going to be a challenge to see how it works out. I'd like to stay close to home, though."

Miller said he has a 2.5 GPA, and took the ACT for a second time in September.

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