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Head Coach Karl Dorrell commented about the recruiting class of 2004 in a teleconference, discussing which incoming players could potentially make an impact next season...

Head Coach Karl Dorrell addressed the media in a teleconference yesterday concerning the 2004 recruiting class.

Were you concerned about losing Brigham Harwell and Shannon Tevaga to other schools?

"We were pretty confident all along in those two kids. They made early commitments. The recruiting process has changed. Recruiters form other schools continually recruit players regardless of their commitment. So you have to stay on top of it. In the end both of those kids went with their first convictions."

How would you rate this class overall?

"Solid, very good. For the first year that we had the opportunity to put together a full class, I think we got the type of kids we wanted, with the type of character, who love to play football., aren't afraid to work and are eager to prove themselves. We're excited about them."

Where does Tony Lee from Gardena Serra project?

"He'll come in initially as a tight end, and then could grow into an offensive lineman. We think he's athletic enough to help us at tight end. But it will depend on which way he develops physically."

Among the true freshmen, who has a chance to come in and immediately contribute?

"I think Brigham Harwell, because of our depth on the defensive line, could. He's a guy I see could help us this fall. There could be one or two freshmen on the defensive line depth chart. On offensive line, Marc Villafuerte is already here. We're hoping the young linemen coming in, maybe one or two, could help us next year as backups. It's so hard to predict who can contribute because it's really a matter of development and strength issues."

Among the JCs guys, who are you counting on to contribute?

"I'm counting on all those guys being a factor. Those are guys we brought in that we were hoping can help us right now. Dan Nelson will help with the depth at linebacker. I think he'll be a strong contributor there, and in special teams. Justin Hickman and Kyle Morgan are two guys who can help, and they're very important. Matt Raney, since we lost a tight end, is a guy we need to help us right away. He's a solid performer at tight end. And as I said, with Villafuerte, we're trying to get him in fold at offensive line."

Will the JC quarterback, David Koral compete for the starting position?

"Koral will hopefully push Drew Olson. Right now he's definitely the starter, because of his experience. But we need someone older to push Drew along. Koral will battle with Drew."

You had said you'd give out 27 scholarships and you gave out 26. Do you plan on giving on another?

"We're going to see. We'll just see how that goes. There are always some things that can happen late. Also kids can be awared within the program. We'll have to wait and see."

Kevin Brown will now be moved back to defensive line?

"Yes. That was the agreement. He's even got his old number back, number 92, and he's working out there."

Do you think the offensive line will be improved with the new players?

"We return everyone, and I think there will be a natural step up they'll take just development-wise. With the new players we're hoping to add depth. P.J. Irvin, who redshirted this year as a freshmen, we're hoping will be able to back up. Villafuerte is here to be a contributor. So, we think we'll add depth from a year ago. And as I said, hopefully one or two of the young players will be able to contribute. We feel the future of that position is much, much better."

Will the incoming cornerbacks get a shot at the starting position?

"They'll all have opportunities. We need corner help, with the loss of Matt Ware. And we lost Keith Short, too. So there's going to be plenty of opportunity for the young players to come in and showcase what they can do."

What's the tone around the program right now?

"There is just great enthusiasm in the program right now, moreso than last year at this time. We believe we're building and getting ourselves to where we need to be."

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