JR Receiver Prospect Jeremy Childs

Considered one of the best receiver prospects in the west for the 2005 class for a while, <b>Jeremy Childs</b> of Los Alamitos has been hearing from the Pac-10 and Big 12, and says he has an early leader...

One of the elite players in the west for the 2005 class is Los Alamitos (Calif.) High receiver Jeremy Childs, 6-1, 180.

The quick wide receiver has been one of the top playmakers in the west since starting for the Griffins as a sophomore on their CIF Championship squad.

Finally a senior, Childs is prepared for his final prep campaign, and hopes to get rid of the bitter taste of last season, which saw Loyola stun Los Alamitos in the CIF Semifinals.

"I'm still having a hard time getting over that (loss)," said Childs. "It's stuck with me for a couple of months. At the time I was so hurt and depressed about it. But now I am ready to get back at it and go all out," said Childs.

During his junior year, Childs was a second-team All-State underclass pick when he caught 57 passes for 800 yards and 8 touchdowns. But that is just a table-setter for what he expects the 2004 season to be.

"Me and Jimmy (Barnes, Los Alamitos's quarterback) used last year to get comfortable with each other. I expect this next season to be a lot more, since we have a year of playing together. We should be real strong next season," said Childs.

On the recruiting front, Childs is hearing from several schools, though he lacks an offer at this point. "UCLA, Colorado, Miami, Washington, Washington State, USC, Oklahoma, that's pretty much who I'm hearing from," said Childs.

His childhood favorite is Florida, who hasn't spent much time recruiting him, but if he had to pick a leader right now? "Probably UCLA," said Childs. "They are a great school, with a good graduation rate. That is something that I am really going to look at. The school's academic side, and their graduation rate for football players. I want to major in something in law, maybe be a lawyer when I'm done playing. My mom is really pushing me to UCLA, it's close to home, good chance to play and it's a good education."

Should Childs come to Westwood, or the Pac-10 in general, he would have company, since a few players from Los Alamitos signed with Pac-10 schools last year.

"Antoine (Cason) is going to Arizona, so is Dan Espinoza. Dan Rowlands is going to Wazzu, Mike Patterson, he's at USC and Chris Kluwe, at UCLA."

For now, though, Childs is just focusing on camping this summer and then preparing for his senior year. "I'll go to the Nike Camp at Stanford, not sure about the San Diego one, then maybe go to some camps this summer, I don't know. I'll go to UCLA's Junior Day too. They've invited me to some practices in spring, so I'll head to them. I want to take some trips though, so I won't commit early."

Childs has a 3.0 GPA and will take the SAT in April.

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