Rhodes Hints at a Leader

The big offensive line prospect from Bakersfield, Nathan Rhodes, who is considered one of the best in the nation, said he has all of his trips scheduled -- except to the school that is "probably" his favorite...

Nathan Rhodes, 6-7, 305, Baskersfield (Calif.) East Baskersfield, said he has all of his trips set, except maybe the one trip to possibly his favorite school.

The first visit Rhodes will take is to Washington on December 7th. He'll then trip to Tennessee the next weekend, on the 14th. He'll officially visit Michigan on January 4th and Nebraska January 11th.

The one trip he hasn't arranged is to UCLA, and Rhodes gave a pretty logical answer why. He said, "That's the most flexible trip. With UCLA, because it's so close, I could just call them up on Friday and visit that weekend." Rhodes said he'll either try to fit in the UCLA trip before his Washington Trip December 7th, or in late January after his trip to Nebraska January 11th. Rhodes' high school team is currently 5-4, having just lost the league championship last Friday, and when he schedules his UCLA trip will greatly depend on how deep his team goes into the CIF playoffs.

When asked if he had a favorite, at first Rhodes said, "I don't have a favorite." But Rhodes then talked about how he had visited the UCLA/Oregon game this weekend and that it was "very good, except they lost." Rhodes said he was very impressed with the crowd at the Rose Bowl and the fan support. "It was a good atmosphere," he said. Rhodes went on to talk about UCLA, how he likes UCLA quite a bit, citing the fact that "it's in California, where I'm from, just things like that. It has great academics, which is very important to me." When asked later in the conversation if UCLA could possibly be his leader, Rhodes said, "Probably. They've always had an edge. So you could say a little, because they were first to offer."

Citing again that academics are very important, Rhodes wants to major in either kinesiology and business, or have a double major in both. The big offensive linemen maintains a 3.8 GPA and scored a 1030 on his SAT.

The fact that UCLA is close doesn't really affect his decision that much, he says. "Staying isn't important, since my family will move to wherever I go to school."

Surprisingly, though, with so many official trips firmly scheduled, Rhodes departed from what he had said previously, that he was certain he was going to take all of his trips before making a decision. "Ill probably take all my trips, but I'm not sure. That was the plan in the beginning. But I think I could commit before that now. But still I'm not sure. We'll see what happens."

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