It's USC Week: Football Update

Here's the latest on DeShaun Foster, injuries, Matt Ware's future and what Head Coach Bob Toledo thinks about USC...

News On Various Issues:

DeShaun Foster

Athletic Director Pete Dalis said that UCLA is hoping to submit the report on Foster tomorrow. He said that he expects a pretty quick reaction. But Dalis also said that he thought that given the guidelines for suspended games, Foster could more than likely miss more than one game. Head Coach Bob Toledo said even if he were reinstated Friday, Foster would not start and not play as much. Toledo added that, in his opinion, Foster will not be back for the USC game, at least.


Toledo said that several players are banged up and might not practice much this week, but that they'll "suit up and play" Saturday. He said that there is a possibility that Jason Stephens could return for the USC game and, of course, Tab Perry is out.

Matt Ware's Future

Coach Toledo said: "He wants to be a defensive back and that's what he's going to be. We're in the process of recruiting some quarterbacks that will fit out system well. We like to utilize the talents and abilities of the guys we have and that's why we put him in that position. We thought he could make some plays. He did some nice things. I think you could put him at certain positions and do a few things, but it's hard enough just being a defensive back. His future is on defense. There's no reason why he couldn't play wide receiver a bit. And no reason why he can't go in at quarterback and do a few things. He's just such a talented athlete he can do anything. And our defense was such this year that we were struggling in the secondary. We didn't know whether to put Marcus Anderson at corner and [Matt] at free, or put him at corner and Marcus at free. Next year the plan is to move him to free safety. So he can be the quarterback on defense. He's going to play baseball, too. And it's hard to play baseball in the summer and work out to be a quarterback I believe. He really prefers to play defensive back, with the ability to maybe play a few plays on offense. We need to recruit a few guys with that kind of ability, that's all."

When asked whether Ware could play quarterback against USC, Toledo said, "Possibly."

The USC Game

Coach Toledo called the UCLA/USC rivalary the best rivalry game he's been associated with. "Nothing beats this one," he said. "Emotions for this game are unbelievable."

When asked whether the game affects recruiting, Toledo said, "I think it's really important. If there's a guy on the fence who could go either way, winning the game helps it."

Toledo's scouting report on USC: "In watching their video, they have some outstanding athletes. Defensively, they have a lot of team speed. They play very hard. They're very good, as their stats prove out to be. Offensively, I think Palmer has unlimited potential and they have some good skilled athletes. I think they're struggling at running back a little bit because of the injuries but they've got enough guys to do some good things to win games. Against Cal they scored a lot of points and did a lot of nice things. They have some good football players and right now they're playing with a lot of confidence."

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