Olson: "Worlds Apart"

The junior-to-be quarterback, <b>Drew Olson</b>, said having the experience he does now in the offense makes this spring feel completely different thant last year. He commens about how spring practice so far...

What's been your feeling in the off-season, coming into spring?

"I've been looking forward to this, coming out here for spring, and being kind of experienced in this offense. I think it can be a great offense. It was frustrating last year not being as experienced in the offense as a quarterback. It's exciting to me, and exciting to everybody else. The comfort level comes with time in this offense."

What's the general feeling on the team?

"It's a different attitude right now. It feels different. Guys are upbeat and there is quite a bit more focus. We didn't accomplish what we wanted to last year and we took last year's attitude, chucked it and got a new one. It's exciting. I feel like I'm playing football for the first time again. It's pretty fun."

How different is your knowledge of the offense compared to last spring?

"It's worlds apart. It's great being able to come out here and being able to visualize it rather than not knowing what it looks like. I think we'll get a lot more done this year having everyone on the same page, with everyone being more advanced and experienced in the offense. Last year everyone was trying to learn it. Now, there are some new guys, and then some young guys who were on the scout team and, of course, they have to learn it and grasp it. But for the most part, the returning guys know what they're doing. We've had very few mistakes in practice so far. Even less physical ones, like fumbles. So, that's a big thing. We're all not thinking so much about it, just doing it."

You put on some weight?

"It's all good weight. I was 215 on Monday. I played at 210 during the season. If I stay at 210 to 215 I'll be happy."

Last year you were listed at 6-2, and now you're listed at 6-3. So you grew an inch?

(Laughing) "Sure. I need to keep growing. You like to see that."

What's your opinion so far of Jim Svoboda, the quarterbacks coach?

"I like him so far. He seems like a good guy and knows what's going on. It's good having a guy who's just for us, just for the quarterbacks. I think it's a position where you need someone that's always on you, always coaching you. Coach (Steve) Axman had the offensive coordinator job, too. He's a great quarterbacks coach, but it was tough. He was running the offense and the quarterbacks. So I think this way will help a lot, just having a coach focused on the quarterbacks, teaching us the system, and working even harder on our fundamentals. So, I'm enjoying it, and looking forward to it next year."

Coach Dorrell said that he wanted to see leadership out of you this spring. What do you need to do to live up to that?

"I'm not the most vocal guy out there. I never have been. And I'm not going to change. I've gotten to this point doing it the way I've been doing it. I do at times get vocal when you need to be. But I mostly go out there and just work hard and I think guys see that. I think they saw it in the off-season, and I made steps in that direction, being a leader. That's a huge part of my job, and of me. That's what I want to be, and I know that's what the team wants me to be, as well as Coach Dorrell. So, I'm looking forward to that role, definitely."

Dorrell said you'll be live this spring, that you'll be able to get hit. What do you think?

"That's what I heard. We'll see. If I stay healthy it will be good. If not, it won't. I don't mind. It's all part of it. It's fun."

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