Ricky Sanchez Has Early List

There is talk that he might never play college basketball, but the 6-11 skilled forward from Puerto Rico, <b>Ricky Sanchez</b>, talks like he will, and has an early list of five schools...

Ricky Sanchez, 6-11 JR SF, Caguas, Puerto Rico, participated in the Pump Spring tournament on the Puerto Rico Pump N Run team.

Sanchez is a very intriguing prospect, with the agility and skills of a pretty polished 6-6 small forward, in a 6-11+ body. He has a very nice outside jumper, consistently able to knock down threes, and can create space for himself to get it off. He handles the ball well, is pretty good off the dribble, and is a great passer, being able to see his teammates well.

Physically Sanchez is still pretty thin, weighing about 215, but he has good, square shoulders and the type of muscle tone you could see being able to hold more weight. Right now, at the age of 16 (which is what he told us), you wouldn't characterize him as weak, able to body up on frontcourt players well defensively. He's not really explosive off the floor, but for a kid his size, at his age, he has good athleticism with some great lateral quickness.

He was the youngest member of the Puerto Rican 19 And Under team that toured last summer. It was thought that he'd go to high school last fall in Indiana, since he has relatives in Bloomington, but that never materialized.

While it's early in the recruiting season, so it's difficult to accurately gauge a prospect's national level, it's probably conservative to say that Sanchez would be a top 50 national player in the class of 2005.

The talk about Sanchez in college basketball circles is that there's a good chance he'll put his name into the NBA draft next spring. Sanchez, though, said he has something he'd like to do before that. "My dream growing up was to play college basketball in the U.S. I'd really like to do that."

When asked what colleges were recruiting him that he liked, Sanchez said, "Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Texas, and UCLA. There are others, too, but I can't think of them right now. I'm going to talk about it with my family and my coaches and get a good list."

He said he was a good student, averaging around a 3.0 GPA and recently just took the SAT for the first time.

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