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There wasn't actually a practice Wednesday.

Head Coach Karl Dorrell brought back an old Bruin football tradition called "The Wall."

After the team stretched, the players ditched out on practice en masse, running for the east wall of Spaulding Field and hopping over it.

"When I was here as a player, there was always senior leadership on the team that would get the team together and tell us about this tradition during the spring. The tradition is back," Dorrell said.

"It's important to have tradition," Dorrell said. "(Former Bruin linebacker great) Jerry Robinson was here a few days ago. It was good to see him back on campus. He was one of our great players in our history. Those guys mean a lot to our program. Bringing our history and tradition back to the program is important."

Ed Blanton was in a walking splint Wednesday. "His x-rays came out negative, in terms of anything other than an MCL sprain," Dorrell said. "He's still in the splint, but no surgery is required. It's just a matter of the inflammation to settle down, and then he'll start rehabbing. He and guys like Robert Chai that have similar injuries will be going in a few weeks."

Running back Maurice Drew had his right arm in a sling, with a bruised shoulder he suffered on the last play of practice Monday. "He probably won't participate in Saturday's scrimmage," Dorrell said.

With so many injuries, especially to the offensive line, Dorrell said the coaching staff had to change the format. "It will be more of a controlled scrimmage, moreso than I anticipated. There will still be heavy hitting, but not as much game-like, more from a practice look. We'll do some live situations, where we situate the ball on the field. We don't have enough guys to even have a second-string offensive line."-- Tracy Pierson


Head Coach Ben Howland visited Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola High for an in-school visit with Jordan Wilkes, 6-11 JR C/PF on Monday.

UCLA is maintaining interest in Wilkes, but has yet to offer him a scholarship. -- Tracy Pierson


Malik Hairston, the 6-5 McDonald's All-American small forward, took an official visit to Oregon this weekend.

He arrived Friday night and left early Sunday morning. His father did not accompany him on the visit.

He has a tentative plan to visit Oklahoma this Thursday, for a one-day trip. His father plans to go with with him.

Some close to the situation are unsure of whether he'll take that visit. -- Tracy Pierson


Finally, there is going to be an AAU tournament at UCLA. This Memorial Day weekend some of the best AAU teams in the west will play in a tournament on UCLA's campus.


We've thought for years it was something UCLA needed to do. It's such a recruiting advantage, to have all of these players, AAU coaches, parents, etc., on campus. Not only do they get to see the campus, but they also then can stop in and see the UCLA coaches. UCLA's enduring advantage in recruiting is the school, its campus, and the banners hanging in Pauley Pavilion. And it has never been exploited as it should have been in recruiting.

The previous staff had this impressed upon them, but never made the effort to get it arranged.

But now it's going to happen.

-- The BRO Staff


The word is that Kansas transfer center/power forward David Padgett might not be allowed to transfer to North Carolina.

Many sources believe that Kansas will only release Padgett contingent on him not being able to transfer to North Carolina.

UNC's current head coach is Roy Williams, of course, the coach who recruited Padgett to Kansas. -- Tracy Pierson


UCLA's spring football practice begins April 7th. All practices will be open to the public. Here is the complete practice schedule (4:00 p.m. unless noted): April 7, April 8, April 9, April 12, April 13, April 15, April 17 (9:00 a.m.), April 19, April 20, April 22, April 23, April 26, April 28 (this is a change from the original announcement), April 30, May 1 (11:00 a.m.). The BRO Staff

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