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I've learned that David Padgett, the transfer from Kansas, has been granted releases that allow him to transfer to specific schools.

So far, he's been released to transfer to UCLA, Louisville, Stanford and UC Santa Barbara.

He very well could ask for other schools, but these are the four at this time.

I've heard that it's highly doubtful North Carolina will be one of the schools.

From what I know, he'll be finishing his semester at Kansas in two weeks. At that time, he very well could visit UCLA and probably Louisville.

Stanford is an interesting option. I've heard that Padgett's friend, Omar Wilkes, is very interested in Stanford, and that he could very well transfer there (Wilkes is also looking into UCSB, which might explain some of Padgett's interest in UCSB). Stanford is also doing well with Jordan Wilkes, the 6-10 junior center from Loyola and, of course, Omar's "little" brother. I don't recall that Padgett was ever admitted by Stanford's admissions out of high school, though. The publisher of the Bootleg, the Stanford site, Mike Eubanks, I believe has said that Stanford wouldn't take Padgett, possibly because of academic limitations.

As I've said for a couple of years, David Padgett always liked UCLA. It was just a matter of the coaching situation keeping the Padgetts from considering UCLA. I think it's safe to say that now, with Ben Howland as the head coach, David Padgett is very interested in -- Tracy Pierson


Mike McCloskey, the junior center, missed all of spring football practice. He did have pleurisy, which was an inflammation of the lining of the lungs, and has undergone more tests to determine more about his condition.

I've now heard that it could be a potentially career-ending condition. -- Tracy Pierson


I know you guys aren't happy unless you have something to worry/obsess over, so here's a topic to consider -- the point guard spot post-Farmar.

While it's certainly possible that Jordan will play 3-4 years at UCLA, it's also within the realm of possibility that he'll be a two and out guy.

As it happens, the PG position is not real strong in the west for 2005 or 2006. Right now, I'd say Darren Collison is the most likely candidate from 2005. Anthony Goods is a possibility as well, although he's more of a combo. Either player would be a nice addition. Of course, there's no guarantee that either one commits to UCLA.

Looking at 2006, the PG spot is extremely weak in the west. It's still early, and someone may emerge, but it's not looking good right now. Which means you may need to look nationally.

I fully expect Howland and Co. to have it rolling by the 2005-2006 season, but many of the kids from the class of 2006 will be making decisions a year earlier -- at the end of next season. Will UCLA have a good enough season next year to convince those national kids to choose UCLA over a Duke, UNC or Kentucky? Maybe -- maybe not.

My guess is the Bruins will be fine. Someone will emerge, Farmar will stay, a juco or transfer becomes a possibility -- it will likely work itself out. But I just wanted to give you something to fret over. -- Greg Hicks


This is my opinion of how the Malik Hairston recruiting has gone.

I think he wanted to go to UCLA.

Then it got very convoluted there for a while. Taking other visits and such would lead you to believe that he wasn't happy with his available choices.

But I think there were some influences that wanted him to take more visits, consider other schools. And I think he did it out of courtesy.

Through it all, though, it got very hard to discern truly what was going on. Not only from what he was saying publicly, but from what I was hearing from different sources.

From what I've heard over the course of his recruitment, the other two schools that were the other, real possiibilites were Kansas and Michigan. According to some close to this, Michigan was a real threat since they were playing the local card pretty aggresively, and you can never count that out.

But at this point, I think he's indicated enough that he probably won't go to Michigan.

So, in my mind it comes down to UCLA or KU. And, if I had to guess, I think he'll do what I'm pretty certain he wanted to do originally, and that's go to UCLA. I haven't heard anything from any sources that would rule out UCLA, while I've heard some things that would lead me to believe each of the other schools might have a disadvantage against them. Heck, that's pretty much how it's been publicly, too.

So, I think the odds are on UCLA. But at this point, anything could happen. -- Tracy Pierson


I can't really get into predictions about how the team will do with or without Hairston, in the Pac-10 or NCAA.

I think overall if UCLA gets Hairston it speeds up the time it will take for Howland to bring back the program. It will have an impact, and not only because of the improved quality of play on the court and the improved factor of toughness and playing hard.

With Hairston's recruitment having been so high profile nationally, it will also make the country notice that UCLA is now (again) a force on the recruiting scene. This could potentially get more national recruits to consider UCLA more seriously -- thus, again, speeding up the program's recovery process...-- Tracy Pierson


Today, the NCAA announced a package of academic reforms and also rescinded the 5/8 rule. Here's Coach Howland's response:

"I'm pleased the 5/8 rule has been rescinded," Howland said. "For all student-athletes and all institutions, it's the best thing.

"Along with the new academic reforms, the welfare of the student-athlete is being put first - which is what we are all continually striving to do."-- The BRO Staff

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