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UCLA is certainly trying to stay involved with Amir Johnson, the 6-9 PF/C from Los Angeles Westchester.

Johnson is the best post player in the SoCal area and a top 40 player nationally, conservatively. So, it only behooves UCLA to stay involved.

The question has always been Johnson's academics. UCLA, though, will continue to recruit Johnson, hoping Johnson will have the academics to get him through UCLA admissions.-- The BRO Staff


Robert Kibble, the safety prospect from Texas received a FedEx package from Head Coach Dorrell on Saturdaay with a written scholarship offer.

He also now has an offer from Missouri. He told us, though, that the Bruin offer is the one he had been waiting for. -- The BRO Staff


I'm still hearing from a good source that UCLA is doing very well with Jon Brockman, the 6-7 power forward from Washington.

In fact, while this source said that it's early, and so much still has to happen, UCLA is the current leader for Brockman. -- Tracy Pierson


David Padgett, the 6-11 freshman transfer from Kansas, did indeed visit Louisville officially this last weekend.

I reported before that he'd visit Louisville and UCLA, and that's still the plan, from what I know. You can probably expect a UCLA official visit sometime in the next two weeks.

As of now, also, he still has releases for just UCLA, Louisville, Stanford and UCSB.

He already visited Stanford when he was in high school, so he won't take another official visit there. As of now, he doesn't have an official visit planned to UCSB.

I've heard it could take a while before he makes a decision, maybe a month or so. So we might be in for another long waiting game on this one, too. -- Tracy Pierson


McDonald's All-American Malik Hairston has said he has made a choice and will announce it Wednesday at noon PST.


This comes from talking to various sources close to the Malik Hairston situation this week and a great deal of speculation on my part.

It's basically as big of a circus as it seems.

Malik is geuninely torn at this point and doesn't know where he wants to go.

He has a few influences that he holds in high regard that are pushing him in different directions.

From what I can guess, in trying to push him one direction, each influence has tried to discourage him from going to the remaining schools. So, all of his influences have effectively spoiled all of the choices on Malik's list.

I think the kid would like to get it over with. And he's just looking for a couple of his influences to agree on a school, but he can't get it together.

I think as Malik has been starting to think he wanted to go someplace, then the other influences around him would discourage it. He'd say he wanted to go to UCLA. The influences that don't want him to go away would then discourage it. He'd think he want to go to Ohio State, and the other influences would tell him the program wasn't big enough. Etc, etc.

Realistically, just speculating, but I think if Tommy Amaker of Michigan had been willing to sell out a bit and tell Hairston that he was their savior, it'd probably be done. But to Amaker's credit, he has some players who would be in front of Hairston that he didn't want to sell out.

I think if UCLA were closer to home, it'd be over with.

So, really at this point, from what I know, it could really go any way. I think that UCLA, Kansas and Ohio State have probably the best chances at this point. But I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being Oregon or Oklahoma. I'd be a bit surprised if it were Michigan, but, at this point, not that much.

I think it's going to take 1) Malik going with his gut and doing what he wants to do, and the influences eventually signing off on it or he ignores them, 2) He buys into one of the influences and does what he/she wants or 3) He tries to compromise to make as many happy as possible.

I think if he goes with #1 he picks UCLA. If he goes with #2 he picks Oklahoma, Oregon or Michigan. If he goes with #3, he picks Kansas or Ohio State.

There. Now isn't that better than just more ambiguous quotes from the family, who are trying to be diplomatic and not hurt anyone's feelings?

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