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From what I know, wide receiver Tab Perry is trying to do what he needs to do to get re-instated to UCLA and eligible to play football.

Some close to the situation believe it's a bit of a longshot for him to return. But others, particularly other players, think he'll return.

If you remember, Perry sat out last season for unspecified reasons. He then was released from the program and the universities this spring for academic reasons.

Interesting issue: With the new NCAA rules, if you transfer, to be eligible at your new school you have to have been in academic good standing with your last school. So, for Perry to be able to play at any other school, he'd first have to be in good academic standing at UCLA. So, if he has to come back to UCLA, he might as well just play at UCLA. -- Tracy Pierson


Quarterback prospect Brandis Dew (6-6, 240) from Hemet (Calif.) High, will take an unofficial visit to campus Monday, June 14th. It's believed he could receive a scholarship offer while on campus. -- The BRO Staff


Kansas granted David Padgett his release to North Carolina Wednesday.

The speculation is that KU is doing this to try to hurt UNC's recruitment with junior Tyler Hansbrough, who KU is also recruiting. The theory being that, if Padgett goes to UNC, it could discourage Hansbrough.

It is known that Padgett did originally ask for a release to UNC, but that Kansas denied it.

It's believed that UNC will be the clear team to beat for Padgett now.-- Tracy Pierson


Brett Hoerner, the 6-10 junior center from Fullerton (Calif.) High, recently took an unofficial visit to campus.

Hoerner, who has had a very good spring in AAU tournaments and improved his stock, has always favored UCLA and has indicated if UCLA offered he'd accept. Hoerner has yet to be offered by UCLA, but the Bruins are recruiting him and watching him closely. Whether UCLA offers could depend on how they do with other post prospects, and how Hoerner does during the July evaluation period. -- Tracy Pierson


UCLA's committed quarterback prospect, Osaar Rasshan, was on campus Memorial Day Weekend, playing in an AAU basketball tournament.


As we reported a month or so ago, UCLA is open to taking two quarterbacks in the class of 2005. -- Tracy Pierson


Austin Usher, the receiver from Los Angeles Jefferson, had preferred UCLA for a while. Sources, though, indicate that he'll have to improve academically for UCLA to recruit him seriously. -- The BRO Staff


As of right now, UCLA has 16 football scholarships available. And they already have 4 commitments. Xavier Burgess is now officially out of the program. UCLA is, though, holding out hope that defensive tackle Thomas Patton will return to the program sometime next school year after spending a semester at a JC. UCLA is believed to be holding a scholarship for him, which would mean they only have 15 rides available for the 2005 class. But, as always, there will almost certainly be scholarships that open up by next February. You can probably ultimately expect 18-20 total I would guess. -- Tracy Pierson

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