Quarterback Prospect Joe Cox

A quarterback prospect outside of California that has caught the eye of UCLA coaches is <b>Joe Cox</b> from North Carolina. But Cox has verbally committed to Duke...

Although he made a verbal commitment to Duke last week, Charlotte (N.C.) Independence quarterback Joe Cox (6-1, 195), said his recruiting isn't done yet.

"It's just a verbal. I'm still looking at other schools. My top three schools are Duke, Georgia and UCLA," said Cox.

While mainly hearing from ACC and SEC schools, Cox received some interest from Stanford and UCLA, and the Bruins' interest has been reciprocated.

When asked if he would harbor thoughts about leaving the south to come out west, Cox emphatically replied "absolutely."

Cox committed to the Blue Devils last week, and Duke had an advantage. They recently hired Tom Knotts as their quarterback coach. Knotts was the head coach at Independence, grooming Florida quarterback Chris Leak and then Cox last year. His departure to Durham gave the Blue Devils a good in-road to Cox. "Coach was a good one. Our new coach was our defensive coordinator, so there won't be much difference," said Cox.

Cox caught the eye of UCLA at the Atlanta Nike Camp, where coach Eric Bieniemy was in attendance. "Coach Bieniemy started recruiting me after the Nike Camp, and that's how UCLA got involved."

As a junior, Cox was 237-for-373 for 3,983 yards and threw 43 touchdowns. All in all, it wasn't a bad year replacing the legendary Leak. "At first there was some pressure to replace him, but after the first few games, it was pretty easy to go out and play."

As for camps for Cox, he will attend one-day camps at both Georgia and Clemson.

Cox has a 4.5 GPA and scored an 1140 on his SAT, easily qualifying him for college and for admittance to UCLA.

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