Justice: "No Leader"

The highly-sought offensive line prospect who has has flip-flopped on leaders before says he currently doesn't have one. He talks about the UCLA/USC game and has some visits set...

Winston Justice, 6-7, 305, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly, a recruit who has ping-ponged back and forth between leaders for months, now says he doesn't have a leader among the schools he's considering.

"I don't have a leader," Justice said. "A lot has happened and a lot is still probably going to happen. So, right now, I don't have a leader."

Justice said that the UCLA/USC game did change his opinion of both schools, but not that drastically. "I thought UCLA was going to win but USC blew them out. It changed my opinion of UCLA. I thought they could at least beat USC. It showed me that USC could come together as a team and play."

Justice is going into the semi-finals of CIF this Friday, and it's a good bet that he'll be tied up with Long Beach Poly through the CIF finals on December 8th, so it's been tight arranging all of his official visits. He said he will visit Washington the weekend after the finals, on December 14th. The next two weekends are then dead weekends in which recruits can't make official visits. He'll then pick up his visits again January 11th when he visits UCLA officially. He also has an official trip to Tennessee planned for January 18th. Justice said he also would like to officially visit USC and Oregon, if he could fit in those trips. "But I don't have much time and I don't want to wait until the last minute to decide," Justice said. "I want to make a decision by the middle or late January. I want to trip to USC and maybe to Oregon, but I don't know if I can."

Justice started entertaining coaches for in-home visits on Sunday. "Oregon came in earlier on Sunday," Justice said. "It went real good. USC is coming in tonight [Sunday night]. Coach Pola and I think Coach Chow. Oklahoma said they want to come in on Thursday." Justice said he's heard consistently from the other schools he's considering seriously but they have yet to arrange an in-home visit.

Besides football, school and recruiting, another thing taking up Justice's time is studying for the SAT. He's now taken the test twice, once last year and once this fall, and hasn't yet achieved a qualifying test score. "I'm taking it again in December. I'll keep taking it until I pass. I'm studying with a tutor and with a CD-ROM. So hopefully I'll pass in December."

Justice said he plans on attending the UCLA/ASU game this weekend with teammate and UCLA commit, Marcedes Lewis. "I'm looking for UCLA to bounce back," Justice said. "It will be important to see how they do in this game."

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