The Latest On Brandis Dew

The 6-5, 248-pound athlete from Hemet (Calif.) High, <B>Brandis Dew</b>, spoke with UCLA coaches again this morning. Here's the latest on where he stands with the Bruins...

Brandis Dew, 6-5, 248, Hemet (Calif.) High, said he confirmed on the phone this morning with the UCLA coaches that UCLA has offered him a scholarship at defensive end.

"I have talked to them a few times, but we just confirmed it this morning really," Dew said. "The conversation went really well. But for now, I'm going to sit on it and not make a commitment. I could have a decision within a couple of weeks."

Dew said that UCLA has offered him solely as a defensive end, and not as a quarterback. "We talked about quarterback just for a bit. I don't really know their situation at quarterback, but they said they had their quarterback situation set. They're not offering me a spot at quarterback."

Is he okay with the offer at defensive end? "Yes, sir," Dew said. "Defensive end is just fine with me."

To date, Dew said that Duke, LSU and UTEP have offered him as a quarterback. When asked what he preferred -- the offers from those schools as a quarterback or the UCLA offer as a defensive end -- Dew said, "UCLA as a defensive end. I want to stay close to home, close to my family and friends, so UCLA would have the advantage."

But another local school, Dew said, would have the real advantage if they offered. "If USC offered, it would change things. As of right now, they haven't offered. But I'm going to their two-day camp in two weeks. They haven't said, though, that they'd offer me, or at what position. I've been a USC fan for a while, so an offer would have an impact. If they offered, USC would be my favorite. But as of right now, it's UCLA."

Dew then explained that a primary reason he intends to wait a couple of weeks to decide is the USC camp he'll attend on June 28th and 29th. "I'd like to wait through the USC camp and see what happens then. I just want to make sure it's the right choice," he said.

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