Football Official Visit List

Heading into the first real official visit weekend, here's the list of official visitors, including also a list of those prospects that will probably visit and those that UCLA might still trip in...

‘Tis the season for official visits, with UCLA's first real official visit weekend this Saturday and Sunday. It's unusual for UCLA that the first official visit weekend comes during a weekend that UCLA plays a game, and it's difficult to say whether that's a positive or a negative, given what has transpired this season for the UCLA football team. If generally the Rose Bowl is sparse, you could probably say that it will work as a negative. If the crowd is solid and the team trounces Arizona State it will be a positive, not only for the prospects who are visiting officially, but those that are coming to the game unofficially.

This is obviously not a complete list. Some prospects have yet to arrange their official visit to UCLA, and the visit plans of others are diffcult to track down. So, this is an active list that we'll add to as we get additional information.

Click on the links to view the prospect's database player profile. There you can get the latest on each recruit from around the nation and also see what other schools he has planned to visit. The ranking is the latest national ranking by position from Positions in parentheses are the positions they could more likely project to play at UCLA.

November 30th

Zach Latimer, #9 LB, 6-2, 218, Aurora (Col.) Gateway

Thomas Bachman, #17 WR, 5-10, 180, Shreveport (Louis.) Evangel Christian

December 5th (Wednesday)

Nathan Rhodes, #4 OL, 6-7, 300, Bakersfield (Calif.) East Baskersfield

December 7th

Jebiaus Brown, #48 CB, 5-11, 165, Milpitas (Calif.) High. COMMITTED

Drew Olson, #13 QB, 6-3, 185, Piedmont (Calif.) High. COMMITTED

Glenn Ohaeri, #15 RB, 5-9, 190, San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas

David Beall, #14 OL, 6-6, 300, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View

Justin Medlock, K, 6-0, 185, Fremont (Calif.) Mission San Jose

Ryan Boschetti, #1 JC DT (#2 JC prospect overall), 6-4, 285, San Mateo (Calif.) San Mateo JC

Kirby Joseph, #41 LB, 6-2, 225, Lake Charles (Louis.) Washington-Marion. COMMITTED

December 14th

Trent Edwards, #1 QB, 6-4, 185, Los Gatos (Calif.) High

Aaron Miller, #10 S (CB), 6-0, 175, Fresno (Calif.) Edison

Jarrad Page, #10 CB (S), 6-1, 185, San Leandro (Calif.) High.

Thomas Patton, #53 DE, 6-3, 245, Oakland (Calif.) Oakland Tech. COMMITTED

Antwuan Smith, #20 WR, 5-10, 180, Clovis (Calif.) Buchanan

Willie Andrews, #18 CB, 5-8, 181, Longview (Tex.) High

Shelton Sampson, #66 RB, 5-10, 170, Lakewood (Wash.) Clover Park. COMMITTED

January 11th

Winston Justice, #6 OL, 6-7, 300, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

Marcedes Lewis, #1 TE, 6-7, 235, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly. COMMITTED

Fred Matua, #6 DT, 6-2, 280, Los Angeles (Calif.) Banning

Alex Potasi, 6-6, 320, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne

C.J. Niusulu, #16 DT, 6-2, 280, Barstow (Calif.) High. COMMITTED

J.D. Groves, #54 LB (FB), 6-2, 225, Keizer (Ore.) McNary. COMMITTED

Idris Moss, #26 CB, 6-1, 180, Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower. COMMITTED

January 25th

Matt Moore, #18 QB, 6-4, 185, Newhall (Calif.) Hart. COMMITTED

J.J Hair, #28 TE, 6-6, 230, Mission Viejo (Calif.) Capistrano Valley. COMMITTED


Keith Jackson, #43 OL (DL) 6-6, 300, Inglewood (Calif.) High

Clayton Walker, 6-4, 275, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Horizon

Roshawn Pope, #54 C, 5-11, 180, Galveston (Tex.) Ball

Marcus O'Keith, #31 RB, 5-11, 175, Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne


Lorenzo Booker, #1 RB, 5-11, 175, Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure

Hershel Dennis, #10 RB, 5-11, 190, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

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