2006 Small Forward Alex Tyus

The 6-6, big-time athlete from Misouri, <b>Alex Tyus</b>, came all the way out west for the UCLA basketball camp this week, and looked very, very good. He talked to us about his early recruitment...

Alex Tyus, a 6-6, 200-pound rising junior small forward from Florissant (Missouri) Hazelwood Central, attended the UCLA basketball camp this week, and looked exceptional.

He has a very good small-forward body, with big, square shoulders and long arms. He's very explosive off the floor while possessing good foot speed and strength. There were a number of times this week when Tyus was able to score merely because of his hops, such as in semi-transition being able to jump and adjust his body in the air to throw down a dunk. His skills are still raw, with a long stroke, but he has a good feel for the game, with a good shot selection sense and instinct to pass.

He'll easily be one of UCLA's top wing targets in the class of 2006, and will almost assuredly be considered an elite national recruit.

When it comes to recruiting, Tyus said it was very early for him and he hadn't formulated a strong list of schools. "I'm really wide open," he said. "I really haven't worked up a list. There's UCLA. And I've heard from North Carolina, Texas, Florida and others. I really want to visit a lot of schools to see them, and I haven't done that yet. I've been to UCLA, obviously, and some local schools around me, like Missouri, but that's it."

When asked about favorites, Tyus said, "I've always liked Florida. But I really like UCLA a lot. Being out here for the camp was great. It's a great place."

Tyus, an articulate kid, said there are some factors he'll be looking for in a school. "I really want a good basketball tradition. I think it's important that the coaches are the type that can push you and really help you improve your game. The campus really has to be a place where I want to be, where I'm comfortable."

The big-time athlete said that UCLA fit quite a bit of those criteria this week for him. "It's a beautiful campus," he said. "And the coaching staff is great. I really like Coach (Ben) Howland. He's the type that's going to be tough on you and make you the best you can be. He wants everything done right, and I like that and understand that. It's the way you have to be to get better."

Tyus wouldn't tell us about his academics. He said he'll be working hard to ensure he'll qualify academically.

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