Matua Has Three Trips Planned

The elite defensive tackle from Los Angeles Banning who is ranked the defensive tackle prospect in the country, has arranged three trips, but could arrange more...

Fred Matua, 6-2, 280, Los Angeles (Calif.) Banning, has three visits set and said he'll choose between three other schools for the other two visits.

Matua will visit USC December 14th, UCLA January 11th and then Notre Dame January 18th. Two among Oklahoma, Nebraska or Hawaii will possibly get his other two visits. He said that one of the additional visits could be December 7th, or both could be in late January after his Notre Dame trip.

When asked if he currently has a leader, Matua said he didn't. He also emphasized that he really wants to make it through all of his visits before he makes a decision, "just to get enough information to make the right choice."

Matua said that USC is probably currently recruiting him the hardest. "They call me and write to me all the time, and just seem like they're putting in more effort." Matua said, though, that the outcome of the UCLA/USC game won't have an effect on his decision.

Matua said he's looking for a place where he feels the most comfortable, and that will be the biggest factor for him. "I want a place where I fit in," he said. "After seeing them all, I'll think about each system, and see if I fit better in which system." While playing early means something to Matua, he's not looking at the depth charts of the team, believing he'll have a chance to play early regardless. "I'm not looking at depth charts. Whoever they have, I'm going to go out there and compete. It doesn't really matter who they already have."

Matua said he has a 3.7 GPA and scored an 880 on his SAT.

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