Video on TE Prospect DajLeon Farr

<B>DajLeon Farr</B> is the top prospect in Texas and the best tight end in the land. He has the entire country after him and UCLA is on his short list. Check out these highlights, over four minutes worth...

DajLeon Farr is a big time prospect from the Lone Star State. Farr, 6-5 and 240 pounds, is an athletic tight end that's a dominating blocker and he shows good hands as well. Farr plays for Galena Park (Texas) North Shore High School.

Last season as a junior, Farr only caught seven passes because he's mainly used as a blocking tight end. He's basically a glorified offensive tackle with great feet, long arms and tremendous athletic ability. Farr moves so well for someone 240 pounds. Like any other tight end going from the high school ranks to the college level he will really have to work on route running and getting bigger and stronger (with his frame he could easily add 30 to 40 pounds).

DajLeon Farr is easily one of the nation's elite athletes among the Class of 2005. We have four minuets of video highlights for you.

Video 1 - #49 DajLeon Farr (TE)

Video 2 - #49 DajLeon Farr (TE)

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