Either Midwest Or West Coast For QB Jason Forcier

A busy summer has helped San Diego quarterback <b>Jason Forcier</b> garner a slew of offers, and he has his heart set on either playing in the Midwest or on the West Coast in college.

With his camp circuit done for the most part this summer, San Diego (Calif.) St. Augustine quarterback Jason Forcier, 6-2, 205, is sorting out his offers while waiting for one in particular, in hopes of having his college decision made before St. Augustine kicks off the 2004 season.

A summer in which he camped at Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC and UCLA finally winded down and now Forcier is just spending the rest of the summer in passing league, and waiting till Fall Practice begins.

"It was cool getting to check out all the schools I'm interested in. I still may take a trip out to Virginia Tech (in mid-July), but otherwise, its passing league. I went to the Elite 11 Camp, but I don't think that's an option right now," said Forcier.

He has offers from UCLA, Colorado, Wisconsin, UTEP, Utah, Wyoming, Ball State and Illinois. He said he was the second target on the list at Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame.

"A lot depends on what Rob Schoenhoft does. He is the top guy on their lists, so it depends on where he goes. I'm hoping for a Notre Dame offer."

While Forcier waits on the Midwest schools, he is keeping a close eye on UCLA.

"Oh, I'm definitely interested in UCLA. I like Coach Svoboda a lot. We have a good relationship. I worked out for him when I was at camp there and really clicked with him. Coach Dorrell, I like him a lot too. He is a very good guy. He reminds me a lot of Coach (Tyrone) Willingham (Notre Dame) in the way they talk and speak. They are both real good motivators."

So would Forcier take the offer and stay in the West.

"I'm real wide open right now. I just want to make sure the situation at UCLA is right, same with Notre Dame. I'm interested in seeing how the seasons are going, seeing how some of the other quarterbacks look. I'm not afraid of competition at all, but I'm going to make sure my decision is the best one for me. I'd like to leave the state, but I'd like to play close to home so my parents can watch me play. I'm going to think long and hard about my decision, be comfortable with it. Its like a 4-5 year commitment so I want to be very sure."

Forcier also camped at the San Diego State and Ohio State Nike Camps.

"I just want to get my name out there as much as I can."

A transfer to St. Augustine from Mater Dei, Forcier has said the transition has gone well for him.

"I'm hungry for a championship. I was close at Mater Dei, and the guys here were close, so I'm ready to win one. I consider myself unproven. Had I stayed at Mater Dei, it would have been me, Jimmy Barnes and Mark Sanchez as the top three. Now down here, there's Sean Canfield and Derek Shaw and I'm the new guy. I'm going to work hard, prove myself."

Forcier has already qualified with a 3.0 GPA and a 1,080 on his SAT.

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